After 3 Lucentis injections

It is now 4 months since I was diagnosed with Wet AMD in my right eye. I have had 3 Lucentis injections, and had a check recently. The results were amazing! I saw the before and after photos of my retina. My sight in my eye is almost back to normal. All that is left is just a tiny blind spot, just below my central vision. I don't notice this at all with both eyes open.

I am due another check in a month's time, but I am told that this may be it! I may not need any more injections. Everyone was very impressed.

I hope that this gives comfort to all those out there who are shocked and frightened by the diagnosis!

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  • So pleased for you sukie x good to hear it's gone well x

  • thanks eyesright

  • This is great news sukie I am so pleased for you. Take care xx

  • Well done Sukie what fantastic news 😄😄😄 lets hope these injections have done the trick keep us posted, love from Squinty xx

  • thanks squinty

  • What fantastic news for you, I am so pleased. Long may it continue!

  • That's FANTASTIC news!

  • Hi sukie, great to read that news about the improvement you have had so quickly. Just today I went for my second injection, unfortunately the first Injection showed no improvement at all, the tests showed I had even more fluid behind my eye. Hopefully this 2nd injection does some good . Regards

  • Dear Sukie1903,

    Delighted that your treatment was so successful, and that you have offered some hope and reassurance to others in a similar situation.

    The diagnosis of AMD can indeed be distressing and daunting for many people in all sorts of circumstances. We at the Macular Society have a helpline that offers support and factual information to people with sight loss, or their relatives, and can be contacted at 0300 3030 111. It can be good to talk to someone when you are facing challenges or considering difficult decisions.

    Wishing you all the best for your future sight, but happy to talk with you if you have any questions.


  • Thanks for your reply marianS

  • Congratulations , take care & Merry Christmas.

  • Hi pleased your getting somewhere sounds like success hope many more of us get the same result

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