Very disappointing visit today, possible PDT treatment and switch to avastin


I truly biopsy that everyone is doing well. I had new visual changes with increased waviness out of my right eye, and things looked much worse on my OCT scan. I'm being sent to another Retina specialist on Friday. The discussion was whether I am no longer responding to Eylea and we either have switch to Avastin or Lucentis and how we might possibly add PDT treatment. Has anyone had PDT treatments? If so, what was your experience?

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  • Oops autocorrect placed biospsy on there

  • Hi, sorry can't help with info re pdt but just wanted to wish you all the best going forward, I know how hard it is to have a disappointing review, sending you a hug x

    Got my review coming up Jan 4th with decision to be made to switch from Lucentis to eylea or not.

    Good luck everyone for 2017

  • Hello Blessedeyes0511,

    I am so sorry to hear about your macular condition.

    Ophthalmologists do often switch anti-VEGF drugs when someone is not responding to one of them. PDT is still used for some conditions.

    Please see our booklet about treatments;

    Not sure if you are one of our members, but you may find it helpful to take advantage of 6 months free membership of the Macular Society? Please see the following link;

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Hello blessedeyes0511

    So sorry to hear of your further complications. If you go on google and key in PDT Treatment you will see several sites which explain this issue. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I wish you all the best on this continuous journey. Keep looking for the proverbial silver lining! x

  • Hi, I hope everything goes well for you - I am due to have my 3rd injection for eyelea in January and if it isn't working then we have to discuss PDT but it scares me , I've already had 9 Avastin . My second Eylea wasn't bad but when the anaesthetic wore off I was in so much pain and my eye was sore the following day - every single one I have a different reaction! Hang on in there and let me know if you decide to have PDT - love to you.Jan.

  • Thanks for responding. I'm sitting At the RS office right now. They did fluoroscein angiography? OCT's and took lots of pictures with icg.. waiting to discuss results... I'm so worried

  • Good luck, I hope that you have had some encouraging news.

  • Well, I hope everyone had a great New Years celebration. Well, the RS doesn't recommend PDT. He says that we should switch to Avastin for a while in my right eye. He also wants to send me to another specialist because he is concerned that it may be a syndrome called Vogt Harada syndrome. I went to church yesterday to pray and will try to stay positive. Thank you so much!!!

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