Contacts lenses/eye drops instead of injections

Hi there just thought just in case you don't know that much research is happening at the moment about how different methods can be used to give drugs that need to be absorbed in the eye such as lucentis, avasrin and eylea instead of using an injection .Research into using contact lenses and or eye drops is taking place at the moment so good news I think.

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  • Hopefully in any of us baby boomers lifetime, would be great. Like I've said the injections are such an awful way to treat this, I realize it is better then nothing, but with all the new technology available contacts or eye drops would be such a blessing.

  • Even more good news, after successful trials with stem cells which restored vision to 10 patients who had suffered damage to the front of the eye as a result of fire or acid attacks attention has now shifted to preparing for trials to combat AMD. This is very much in its infancy but hopes are high for good results.

    Purely by coincidence a friend of mine has been working to develop the membrane used to grow the stem cells which is a derivative of Gore-Tex!

  • That is very interesting; let's hope these new treatment delivery systems are as effective as the injections and, of course, that stem cell research can be put through clinical trials and become available on the NHS as soon as they can be proven to be safe and effective. I would be so glad to see the back of these regular injections.

  • That would be wonderful more injections YAY

  • Excellent news the sooner the better...

    Thanks for info

  • Very good news , thanks, keep us know

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