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Squalamine Eye Drops

I'm quite excited about the trials 're squalamine eye drops for wet md. I know it's very early days and if/when successful most likely not available on NHS or not even suitable for my condition (myopic cnv). However, a step in the right direction. My daughter is highly myopic and my biggest worry is that she is following the same path as I. Hopefully in time, an eye drop will slow the progress - how amazing would that be? Thank God for the scientist/professionals who pursue a cure for all our eye conditions. #forevergrateful :)

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Hi Angelah,

I agree that the squalamine trials are very exciting.

I expect you know however, that lucentis has been approved for the treatment of wet myopic macular degeneration (myopic cnv).

Best wishes


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Hi, yes - I have received 3 injections and treatment was successful for me. Fingers crossed it continues. :)

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