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About three years ago I was diagnosed with wet AMD in one eye. I was lucky, had the first of the Lucentis injections within a week, responded well, and the damage was limited. I've just had cataract surgery on both eyes and my vision (with glasses) is back to 20/20. So though there is still the scarring from the macular my sight is brilliant. i find it hard now to remember the frightening days when every line was a zigzag and faces were distorted into Halloween masks! (I've got other eye problems too, so couldn't tell, until these new cataract lens were inserted, that I would ever be able to see well again).

I know that it can be upsetting to hear positive stories if you've not been so lucky, but it does help to know, particularly if you've onlly just been diagnosed, that the outcome can be so good.

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Great news for you! Am pleased for you and gives me hope xx


For the record, I had successful correction promptly at Nottingham after three avastin injections.

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