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Hi all. I'm afraid I still don't know how to continue the thread I started a couple of wks ago so I'll start again. I have been diagnosed with a macular hole. I previously have had vitrectomy op on same eye. After cataract surgery last year I noticed the wavy lines etc again. I rang Liverpool who had done the vitrectomy op. I kept getting put through to someone then cut off then someone would ring me back, they didn't, then told to email, no response. The days turned into weeks, into months. I attended the hospital who did the cataract ( my local one) yesterday only to be told the hole was massive and I should have been seen sooner. Now its unlike the sight can be saved. Good Old Covid strikes again. So the moral of the story everyone is if you suspect any sort of problem go straight away, bang on the door if necessary, fight your corner. I am beyond upset but I feel for all those people out there possibly going undiagnosed with cancer etc.

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I'm so sorry to hear that Chittychatty, that really is disgraceful. You say it's unlikely that the sight can be saved but are they going to try at least?

Yes they said they'll give it a go but that it's unlikely to help. Apparently it's so far gone it probably couldn't get much worse. How I wish I had known. That's why I wanted to warn others.

I understand how you're feeling about this Chittychatty and I would be too, but you never know, maybe something can be done and I sincerely hope so as I think the non-response you got from Liverpool was disgraceful. I would be looking into making a complaint about that with PALS as even if it doesn't help you, it hopefully would stop the negligence for others in the future. Good luck with it all and thank you for the warning, it's much appreciated. x

Thank you for your good wishes. I will consider what you suggest. It's all excuses these days. A nurse at the other hospital yesterday said she and her colleagues suspect things in the NHS are never going to revert back. That we may have to get used to not seeing a GP and have to rely on technology more. Its all worrying for us mere mortals. I'll post the outcome on here. Fingers crossed a miracle happens. Best wishes also to you.

It's really worrying isn't it, I feel that about GPs too and I am far from alone in thinking this. Please do post the outcome, I would be very interested to hear how you get on. Best wishes to you too. xx

Good luck Chitty Chatty, I hope you get on okay. Hopefully you will be lucky and at the very least they will be able to improve things for you.

Thank you Dinahdough.

I am so devastated for you Chittychatty. I know Covid has put a huge strain on everything NHS: nevertheless the treatment you received I think is negligent: and I would pursue it into the ground via PALS, (very good), and customer complaints dept. Your GP and MP will help too I am sure. You can always talk to the Macular Society as to how to proceed.

I am 78 and all through my life I have come across very very bad treatment for people with eye problems. A garage mechanic who got something fly into his eye whilst working on a car, My husband, husband's boss , and my son when he was a toddler.

My son had hung a coat hanger in his eye; and we rushed him to the eye emergency clinic.

It was like finding hen's teeth. Ophthalmology emergency services don't exist.........I had to make such a fuss to get my son seen that I was warned, very nastily, by a consultant that if I ever "behaved like that in my hospital again I would have you removed by security guards". I'm not making this up! It turned out I wasn't just a hysterical mother; his eye damage was sufficient to warrant them keeping him in for observation over night. Happy ending tho', his eye recovered with no lasting damage.

I too when my optician failed to diagnose my WAMD, needed an injection immediately. I had to go private, and then had to fight like demon to get timely follow up injections on the NHS. (More clinics were organised). Yes indeed, Chittychatty, you have to bang on the door, fight your corner!!

What I am trying to say in this long spiel is that Ophthalmology seems to my eyes (sorry) to be the Cinderella of the NHS. (D. Telegraph 7/6/18 Hundreds go blind waiting for NHS treatment, by Laura Donnelly, Health Editor)

People's sight is not life threatening so it doesn't take priority.

I am however beyond grateful that I have received expensive treatment free on the NHS, cataract ops, and a great many Eylea injections: altho' my sight is greatly impaired in my WAMD eye, it is excellent thanks to cataract op. in the other, which is constantly being monitored.

I very much look forward to you posting the outcomes! Like Springcross I'd be really interested to hear what happens Big hug xx

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Thank you so much for your kind wishes. I am very pleased your sons eye was saved. My father had a false eye. He was born in Ireland out in the sticks on a farm. He apparently got ice in eye and lord only knows if he got to a hospital which would have been miles and miles away. My guess is local Dr treated him and it was only when he came to England to join army in WW2 that he got his first glass eye. I bless the NHS everyday but your right so much needs addressing for its flaws. This covid thing put a spanner in the works and became the one and only thing on the medics minds. There is trouble ahead mark my words. My Gp is still shut. My daughter has had 2 breakdowns and we are told just go to A&E. which she won't do. so there's another example. I'll go now before I fall off my soapbox 📣.. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the warning CC. Damn awful news, try and lean on the happy side maybe you will be all right. In any case we are here, keep us apprised.

Hello, ChittyChatty.I am so sorry to hear how this has happended to you. So sorry - sending you a hug from far away.

Linda, Minnesota USA

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Chittychatty in reply to Ayralin

Thank you Ayralin.

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