Wet AMD and Cataracts

I'll start by apologising for the length of this post but I think this is something I should share . As well as having wet AMD in both eyes I also had very bad cataracts. The AMD in my right eye was stable so in September 2013 I was referred to have the cataract removed. I attended the pre-op appointment and read all the paperwork they gave me - warnings about the different things that could go wrong e.g. 1 in 1000 chance of a detached retina plus lots of others but when I arrived for the surgery and spoke to the surgeon he informed me that in my case these odds increased to one chance in fifty of a serious complication - I totally freaked out, in effect he'd just told me that I was 20 times more likely to have something go wrong than a "normal" person! He also said that as the right eye was badly scarred by the AMD he didn't think that it would make much difference. Needless to say I left without having the surgery. Despite having to give up driving in August 2014 I still did nothing about the cataracts because, basically, I was too scared. In June this year I had to have my eyes checked at the hospital for another reason (all was ok) and the Doctor (surgeon) I saw mentioned my cataracts and that they badly needed doing - I explained what had happened before and he said he didn't think the risk was that high and he would be happy to do the operation, he put me on his list there and then having given me the confidence that everything would be ok............and following the operation in September it was. I couldn't believe the difference, even though the scarring is still there I can now "see through" some of it instead of just a back hole in the centre of my vision, and my peripheral vision is so much clearer and better as well. Although my left eye is not badly scarred it had never been stable for long enough (3 months) for them to refer me for the removal of that cataract. However, after a switch from Lucentius to Eyelea my eye was stable for the magical period and I was able to have the operation on that eye in October - WOW, somebody just gave me my life and independence back, it's amazing. The brown blob at the end of our garden has turned back into a shed made up of separate planks of wood and with hinges holding the doors in place..........all seen from inside the house and without glasses lol. I knew there was a chance of the surgery reactivating the AMD but it was a risk I had to take, I have had two check-ups on my right eye and one on my left since the operations and both are fine with no problems at all. I apologise again for the length of this post but I don't want anybody to be put off the surgery as I was in the first instance, not when it can produce such amazing results. Good luck to all of you xx

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  • Great news for you gilpet, so pleased for you x

  • How wonderful to read a really happy story (first thing in the day in my case). Thank you for sharing and explaining so clearly, and before anyone said 'yes but' you waited some time before telling us your news. I'm sure very encouraging even for someone facing a cataract operation on its own in describing the benefits.

    Super stuff, Gilpet.

  • Thanks Stephen. I'm not particularly superstitious but I don't believe in tempting fate!!! I didn't want to post on here about my wonderful outcome until I'd had the first AMD check-up on the second eye and I knew that everything was ok - and thank goodness it was, long may it continue x

  • So pleased for you. To get a good result is wonderful & very encouraging for those of us facing a similar situation.

    Much luck in the future.

  • Thanks Cormorin x

  • So happy for you! Brilliant news.x

  • Thanks Mary x

  • How wonderful! On a dreary winter's day, with such horrendous international news and considerable family problems, you have cheered me up a great deal. Thank you for sharing your news and lightening our lives.

    You must be singing with joy. All the very best for the future and do have a very happy Christmas.


  • Thanks Beldie. I'd like to sing with joy but sadly there is no operation that will make what comes out of my mouth sound tuneful when I try to sing lol x

  • Yay! Posts like these give us all hope! So happy for you xx

  • great news so glad for you

  • Hello the problems you have are the same as mine I hope you carry on & I hope that I get some results soon. I have only had two injections so far looking forward to a improvement in time. Very interesting your post was thanks.

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