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If only we knew

Hi folks just think that if we knew in advance or listened to our bodies then sh----y things wouldn't happen. Legs and knees very stiff today but like you all I did my little bit of pottering around Had a rest then knew my puppies would want out for their stroll along the village I hesitated in going but thought No I'd be giving in to this miserable condition so on went the coat gloves solid shoes and walking stick only 5 mins from the house I fell my puppies took care of me and washed my face all over just to make sure I was ok Now I sit typing this with a bruise the size of a golf ball between my knuckles plasters on my skintight knees pain killers for the agonising joints and the promise of a massage from my lovely husband when he gets home Without him I'm sure I would give up . Sometimes I think I must have been really bad in another life to be saddled with Lupus .I could do with a wee glass of wine but Not allowed on Methotrexate and its too early anyway . Another coffee calls even that's not normal got to be decaf Oh the Joys Thahk you for listening and take care

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Oh bless you, well done for doing your best and getting out there in the first place. It just goes to show that our minds are still in fifth gear, but the poor bodies are struggling to get out of first.

I really hope you recover soon, take it easy and rest up, I must admit though that I have an image of adorable puppies soothing you by licking your face! Oh bless them.

Thank goodness for the puppies ay!

Slowmo x


At least you've retained your sense of humour! Try and have a nice hot bath when hubby comes home, hopefully will ease the pain. X


Hope you feel better soon give the puppies a big cuddle for looking after you x


Thank you all apart from my fabby husband I would be lost without my puppies and puppies got lots of cuddles they join me on the sofa a nd let me sleep They are so tuned into me now that they know when I need rest They say a pup adds 5years to your life so maybe I should get more No three will do Thanks again and have a good day Covered in muscle rub I'm off to my cardio class (all pensioners doing as best we can but its fun ) x


question do you always have a flare up after doing little things even go to the shops. or garden etc.


Hi Tracy No not always but I should have known this time my body was not going to do as I wanted It is when I push myself that bit further I flare ,or when I have taken an infection throat ,bladder etc Sometimes my body just seizes on me as I go round the supermarket Fortunately the staff know me now so put my shopping through the till and in the car for me I do try to put the brakes on as I hate having a flare and being confined to bed Do you have many flares ?


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