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my daughter has lupus

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im just wantin to know from people who have a loved one or some one they know that has lupus as my daughter has it she has the sle shes 21 years old and as the sle type im wantin to make new friends on here

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you will always find some one to share& make friends with.

There is also Lupus U/K and they can put you in touch with your local Lupus Group.and also if your daughter would like to speak to some one of her age group Lupus can supply that.

Untill next time


Hi Kathy this is a really good site, and you should try what Janiceray said but also if your daughter wants to chat maybe she could join lupus is real, it on facebook its a closed group but she can be added by Dawn who set it up. There are young people on there and that may also be helpful for her and you. Good Luck, take care, Mandy x

thank you for your comments but she doesnt really like talkin about it she likes to forget really but she knows she has to take easy and when she has a flare up but she just likes to get on with life thats why i joined so i could talk to people in the same situatiion, i will try that one on facebook whats its called?

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Hi Kathy

I joined Lupus is real group on facebook. There are other sufferers of Lupus who are members of the same age as you Daughter. You can join as well. My wife and sister have as they want to learn more about SLE to understand what I am going through. Give it a try. It has helped me to speak to others about how I am feeling and made my family more aware of the condition. John XXX

is it just called lupus cause ive sent a request to join x

Its called Lupus is real x

Hi Kathy 43,,just read your blog.This is a fantastic site ,,i love it here,You asked about the group i made? its at Facebook,,just type in Lupus is real!! and ask to join for your daughter!We all need all the support we can get,and she will certainly get that help and support there.The group is very friendly and we also like to have a good old laugh.She is most welcome,,anyone is !

hi dawn 1969 ive sent a request to join it

Hi Kathy43.

Sorry to hear that your daughter has Lupus too. There are a few groups on FB about Lupus. Lupus UK, St. Thomas' Lupus Trust, etc. You'll find them all very friendly & informative places.

I was diagnosed at 17 and found a lot of help from such groups. Having been a teen with this condition I can understand that she doesn't want to talk. I spent many a day not talking to anyone but this didn't mean I didn't want or need help or that I didn't love the people around me very much.

Needless to say I am not 17 anymore but I am still going in spite of the Lupus.

All the best to you & your daughter.

Thankyou for your comment I do use st thomases site quite a bit there is a group called lupus is real put that in and it will come up its a really good group im on it every one is friendly and supportive

Its on facebook

Hi, maybe she will join in her own time I have SLE an have just joined this site and finding it helpful if have any questions or like to see others point of view on things. On Facebook there is Lupus awareness and Lupus Uk on fbook they are both good ones. Take care.x

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