Told they are now putting me on Hydroxychloroquine ?

Been seeing an Rheumo and Nuero for past year. Told I had MS but MRI was clear head and neck, so then told it was not. Told although I had positive P Anca Lupus test was negative it was not Lupus. Told I have bad Raynards and CTD.

Saw Rheumo yesterday and said they want to write to my eye consulatant and if he agrees put me on Hydroxychloroquine as I have gotten so much worse.

In a state of shock, were do I go from here?

I have vision and bladder problems which have been put done to Nuero problems, but can Lupus do this?

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  • CTD can do this 2 u too. Sorry u're having such an awful time but hopefully, things will soon improve.

  • DO NOT WORRY. They will keep checking your eyes. I have been of them for 30 years. and have an eye check every year. JUST MAKE SURE THEY ARE PLAQUINEL - and NOT the cheap derritive as they are not Coated and they gave me a upset tummy and sent my teeth brown ! Not a good look ! Good luck my friend I hope you improve.xx

  • Hi ,try not to worry ,easier said than done.I get terrible neuro probs ,mri clear ,CTD can affect the nervous system ,unfortunatley so can the drugs which is why i couldnt take hydroxy ,keep batteling x

  • Thank you all for your replies, Rheumie has not given me a Dx of Lupus to my face, re doings some bloods and wanting to put me on what seems a toxic drug. She said if eye guy gives the go ahead I will be sent to see a specialist nurse for the drug.

    Waiting for letter from Rheumie to my Gp, I have req a copy comes to me, last time this is how I found out I had CTD!

    Thanks again

  • From what i've read and been told, hydroxychloroquine is the safest of drugs. I've been taking them for years. So i would try not to worry too much.

  • hi l am on hydroxychloroquine, have been for years, dont worry my eyes are tested every year

    inside and out

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