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Air conditioning!

morning all. now i know a lot of you are like me and don't cope with the heat at all. Get above 18 degrees, nausea kicks in and I feel like I am ready to collapse on the floor. Seeing as I have spent the majority of the winter in just a t-shirt we have decided it is time to take some serious action before it gets too warm.

So we were wondering whether anyone could give us some advice or their experience with either mobile air conditioning units or the fixed units before we splash out.

Thanking you all in advance :)

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Hiya. I veer from 1 extreme 2 the other with my body temp so I know the feeling ;)

Personally, I have never had a problem with air conditioning units of any kind, but we're all different.


I use a mobile unit, have been using it for about 7 years now. It needs to be next to a window, so you can get the plastic exhaust hose through, otherwise it doesn't work. It cools the room down to about 16 C, depending on the model. Mine, as it is an older model, is noisy but weirdly, it puts me to sleep a lot quicker than the quiet. Probably because it blocks my mind off with the 'white' noise.


Thanks purpletop, that's really helpful :)


Argh! I am the other way around! I love the heat so much! I can't do air con - makes my fingers cold and numb. :(

Er......I have no advice on mobile untis, though. :(


We had air conditioning in the bedroom when we lived abroad, personally I did not like it (apart from the noise which you get used to) I found if you spent time in the Air Con when you came out it was more difficult to get used to room/air temperature. I found going from one temperature to another I would get frequent colds. Again this is my personal opinion. Would your supplier let you try before you buy.


Catching colds and acclimatizing to diff temps hadn't even crossed my mind - thanks


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