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I thought I was doing well today and decided to do a roast dinner, I put the meat in the oven turned the temp control and the other nob so the oven would go on. I then went out for about 2 hours to my mothers then asda. On return I thought it was strange their wasnt a nice smell coming from the oven which I had left on low. To my horror I had only turned the light on in the oven, that wouldnt have been too bad but it was now 430 husband due in at 5 and was going out to the football at 6. So my good day turned into a disaster and the fog just gets thicker

I now have a postit stuck on the oven door telling me how to turn the oven on lol

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  • haha aww

    could be worse though, I was once sitting in my living room and could smell burning. I went to investigate and found some VERY black chips in the oven! to this day I still don't remember putting them in there!

    gotta love brain fog!

  • Oh i dont know how to set my timers cos I've done that but just cut off a couple of slices and cooked them in gravy Not the same but at least they got fed

  • Good tip! lol

  • How funny.....at least u had all that dinner to yourself..yum yum...xxx Uzi..xx

  • Its good we can all relate and laugh in the face of this brain fog, so glad I joined this group or I would have truly gone mad xx

  • did a similar thing recently, oh dear lol

  • I once found lettuce,cucumber and tomatoes in the tumble dryer....then had a major panic texting my hubby and daughter to check what i'd put in their butties...it was such a relief to find it wasn't freshly laundered underwear as i'd suspected....

  • I have no sense of smell these days so if I forget something I have to hope the smoke alarm will tell me. Its generally take aways or microwave meals when I am really dodgy.

    Have had some near misses with possible cooking fires when I have been rough.

  • Know the feeling.xx

  • I left a message for my rheumy nurse about some bloods on the answerphone... only I didn't leave my name or date of birth for her :)

  • Got that T-shirt! Once I was moaning about something (forgotten what ..hehe!) to do with 'husband and kitchen' and I called out (..in a firm voice!) "..but I'm not in the kitchen now am I.." -- but I was!!! :D

  • Were all lupie nutters i told a woman to get out my car a few weeks ago only to find my car was parked behind hers. I closed her car door said sorry got into mine and drove home

  • Lost my kettle. Took me an hour 2 find it. It was in the fridge.

    Tin of baked beans in the oven. Luckily it wasn't turned on.

    Put my dirty washing in the bin & rubbish in the washing machine.

    And that's a GOOD day 4 me :)

  • :-):-):-):-) were all nuts

    Well it keeps everyone laughing xx

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