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My funniest brain fog moment!

Hi everyone,

Thought this story might make you laugh, something we all need a lot more of when living with this illness!

As my illness has progressed I have had many brain fog moments that have been pretty funny, if not necessarily at the time! - emptying the hot water bottle into the bin, and trying desperately to open my front door for about ten minutes with my car key being two of them!

However, my funniest moment was a few years ago when I decided I would have a baked potato for supper as I was too tired to think of anything more extravagant or energy consuming. So I turned on the oven prepared the potato etc. and retired to my sofa to watch some telly whilst I waited the hour for it to cook.

An hour later I got up to go and take it out of the oven only to realise that I had been sitting with the ready pricked potato on my lap in the living room for the whole of that hour!! and the oven was nice and hot but completely empty!

Needless to say it was a real pain at the time but I had to laugh and still do when I think about it, if anyone could have seen me sat there with a potato neatly placed on my lap for a whole hour, god knows what they would have thought!

Any good brain fog moments you can share to give us a giggle? xx

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How many times have I put the tea pot in the fridge or wandered off leaving the car doors open?

I think my favourite was going around to the car park behind the house and driving to the front to collect my wife ~only to carry straight on to the town centre without her. OOOPS.

Have blanked on so many things over the years.


I have put the kettle in the fridge before, took me 24hrs to realise, was racking my brains!

Hope your wife forgave you quickly!!


That really tickled me Jamjar. Can't think of any at the mo but have plenty somewhere in this terrible memory of mine! : )


I am so glad you can find the funny side to this.I am afraid at the moment I am finding it quite alarming.I can't find things that are acrually righ under my nose and the horrible dreams where I can't work out where i am.I think it is all associated but,all the same,as you well know,quite frightening.


Hi Binkey, I am sorry you are struggling so much at the moment. I really feel for you and as much as anyone can understand another's circumstances I do understand.

I have had a rubbish 6 months or so of worse symptoms than usual and yes it is frightening and horrible. One of the ways I cope is to be able to laugh at myself when I do something daft because it was taking up too much of my energy to worry or be fed up about it all. Please don't think that I am always able to do this, quite often something daft will happen, usually because of brain fog and I will burst into tears!! or throw a wobbly through frustration but just sometimes I can get some amusement from it.


Lol :)

I constantly make up new words and forget what I'm about to say straight away. Often lead me to just bursting out laughing and getting funny looks heh. x


Making up words is a speciality of mine too - coming from a family who are on the ball with spelling and grammar really doesn't help when you can't string a coherent sentence together!


Earlier this year I was visiting my son in Spain. I went to withdraw money from the ATM (which are situated inside the front porch of a lot of the banks). Went in, got the money and started to leave, only to find that I couldn't get the door open and I was locked inside the porch.

After about 10 minutes of not finding any way out and not seeing anybody pass the door - it was Sunday morning, around 0900 - I started to panic a bit and finally rang my son to come and rescue me.

He arrived 5 minutes later, pulled the door from the outside and looked at me as though I had totally lost my mind! I had been trying to open the door inwards and 'obviously Mother, it opens the other way!'

I hadn't even thought to try pushing it - most of the doors in England open inwards, don't they???!! He's never let me live it down since!

Happy Holidays everyone, nil desperandum and all that!


Nice way for me to start the day with a smile,

I have been there done that and probably still will.roll on 2012

At least you know you are not alone and its help full to know that you are not the only One.

Thaddeus,are you still married!!!

God bless you all.


Hahah my funniest moment was going to the Gp, whom I must say is a gem ... we sat talking for a while and then he asked the usual question what seems to be the problem , and for the life of me I couldn't remember, which we both had hysterics over, it was only when i got up to leave that I was there to tell him I was having memory issues lololololol that was a classic moment in my lupy world !!


recently i put damp tea towel in the freezer rather than the washing machine, and when i when to get something out the freezer they had frozen into tea trays.


other one i had some seedling growing on my window ledge a friend asked me what they were? i said i cant remember a few minutes later i had a revelation they were forget me nots he he he


ha ha! how appropriate!


One of my best moments was.... I was having a not so good couple of months and decided going to the hairdressers may give me a boost, so had stickers everywhere to remind me about the appt, and as you all know its not just the appt, its the list, remembering to put on shoes, get a coat, purse and lock front door etc!!! I was sooooooo pleased with myself, standing there all done, dressed and everything I needed and even locked the front door! I then realised I was still stood in the hall :( I have to say I did laugh, however, it did not end there I got to hairdresser and my appt wasn't till the next day :( x


hahaha!!! Im very visual thinker ( because i want to be a film director), so i see you sitting there with a raw potato on your lap, like how youd have a cat sat on your lap for an hour!! haha funny!

When putting my laundry in the washing machine once, i went to put it in the oven! lol


lol! x


I took my daughter out for a walk in her pram, she was about a year old and I wanted a walk to get some fresh air and clear my head (get rid of the fog)- I was half way up the road when I realised I still had my pink fluffy slippers on.

I have also

lost so many teaspoons to the bin have lost count

keep calling my staff at work by the wrong names (they are very understanding)

forget words on a very frequent basis, or mix them up.

driven half way to work and realised my daughter was siting next to me whom I meant to drop off at nursey- other side of town.

driven to the supermarket on a Saturday morning and ended up at work(!).

Having a sense of humour helps!! :-)


That's put a smile on my face Jamjar! Glad to see you can see the humour in those foggy moments that we all have.

Speech problems are my forte. I can see an apple but say orange like my brain just didn't quite get the right fruit to my lips. Or I can combine words together that were I'm my head but I meant only to pick the one. For example I was talking about a fishing game on the Wii once and describing that you needed to (in my head) Whip or Yank the fish out of the water... Can you guess what word I used?? Needless to say my friends were in fits of laughter!


That made me chuckle thank you !:-)


brill to hear funny things happening otherwise I think we would all go mad, I often cant think of words so with family we play quess the word I can usually describe all around it but the word is missing,,, I use lists and lose the lists or forget where I put it, I use egg timers for washing machine etc but often jump when the alarm goes off and then yes you quessed it I have to try to work out why I set it. But for all of that I have to laugh because getting mad just upsets me and others around me. Please post more....


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