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painful itchy rash round my neck, Lupus?

Hi, I dont post very often but always read the advice etc from you all. I need your help. I have a horrible painful rash of tiny red spots round my neck which has spread over a week. Its always there but dies down then starts up again for no reason. Also i could sleep anywhere right now!

I have SLE and on plaquenil 40mg.

Any advice would be great thanks. Julie x

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Hello Julie

You should speak to your GP if this rash persists, but it may be as innocuous as a heat rash. Try Sudocrem or E45, A Camomile teabag in the bath also may help.

I had a great day yesterday -boxing day, did dinner for 18, but ended the day asleep on the frontroom floor surrounded by friends and family who carried on playing parlour games. This 20years on from the start of my problems. When things were bad I did fall asleep anywhere. On the roof of my bosses office at work, under an Audi 100 with a blow-torch in my hand. Many many time at the dinner table, and of course the frontroom floor. I twice woke to find my children forming a tape line around me.


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