little victory

today I have done something I havent been able to do for nearly a year...... run.

saw mike my g.p on wednesday and had my medications changed, little cocktail now of omeperazole, ibuprofen and also co codamol 15/500 and voila pain eased and then did 7 k on the tredmil. mixture of walk, jog, run and it only took me 55 minutes. then had a walk to the new sports store for new trainers so another mile or 2k to add, then got the bus back home.

I know I will probably pay for it tommorrow but it was worth it.

Never thought that I would run again, so happy.

so for all the lupies keep the faith, set the little goals and keep striving for them.

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  • Gosh I couldn't do that even before I had lupus be careful tho don't over do it or you'll suffer tomorrow, Well done.

  • Yay! Really pleased 4 u. Even if u ache a little more 2morrow, the achievement have made has been worth it. It's all about 'The Little Things' :)

  • Well done! You'll sleep well tonight. X.

  • thanks guys, right hip and chest letting me know i have done a bit today, all good meds topped up and now kicking in and hopefully get me through the night. plan for tommmorrow little walk. first time in a year actually felt "normal", exercise seems to be the key for me :)

  • Well done Scoobydoo1

  • I wish for the day when i can walk without pain and oneday run.... Nice to hear your great news ...

  • update, managed to jog for 2 k then walked for further 8k.

    painkillers holding, little sore no more exercise now til tuesday as working. took my time and it took 95 minutes, big steps taken.

    thanks for the comments, best wishes.

  • Well done! That is great!

  • Hi Scoobydoo I was so interested in your achievements And I do hope that you are still feeling great today .I have found that taking my pain meds before exercise meant that I pushed myself ans therefore paid the consequences .It has taken me a lot of years to finally accept my limitations with SLE (which I hate having to admit to ) but I now feel that I am paying the price for all these years of overdoing it Yes I need my pain meds but after a course on pain management and pacing Ps I'm 63 now I realise that I am better slowly building up to my exercise .I think this is all over the place excuse me just out of bad flare where even tho I was listening to my body The steroids lulled me into a false sense of well being Yes these meds make us feel good and we can achieve so much more BUT please accept Lupus and its limitations Sorry if this sounds like a rant ,just concerned that so many us want to keep pushing our bodies We are like egg timers on a daily basis once the sand runs though there is no more Take care

  • Hi Scoobydoo, well done on achieving your run. Hope that you're still feeling well. Any kind of exercise that builds stamina and strengthens the body is really good however it's really important to think about pacing in order to have several good days rather than erratic good and bad days which decrease self esteem.

    It could be that alternating types of exercise between core strengthening ones such as Pilates, gentle swimming or yoga as well may help your pacing. Good luck!

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