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so cold

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for the last two days or so i cannot get warm, im chilled to the bone. shivering and tum ache. fed up now, im wearing few layers,3 pairs of socks and slippers, gloves and a night INDOORS!!

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Me too... keep saying to my daughter "Is it cold or is it me?" and she keeps saying "it's you!"

No, it is this weird cold weather and the cold wind chilling the houses. I'm the same, freezing.

Probably the north wind howling through your letterbox - same as in my house. I recommend the use of teatowel, duster, old sock, newspaper in the appropriate hole.... and some legwarmers, if you have them (but not in the letterbox).

I'm frozen too. Been cold all night but the fires on. It's nearly bedtime so think will bribe the dogs with a biscuit to keep me warm while hubby watches telly. X

I'm so cold! I had the heating on, plus a mini heater by my legs, one t-shirt, polo shirt, two light jackets, a hot water bottle and a fleece blanket and I was still damn cold, espesh my fingers and toes! I'm 32, not 92!! Can I suggest a warming group hug?

I have had a really bad col which has affected my bones and I felt just as u describe. I am not sure if its lupus or just the effects of the cold weather and this virus that I believe is sweeping the country

another coldie here brrr the heating is up my electirc blanket on to warm bed for ages so I can get in to a warm bed, gloves scarves boots over the knee socks this winter has been such a long one take care all and keep as warm as you can

cold lol I have had some help with insulation and draught proofing but my bedroom is esat facing so always cold

i too wear over knee socks aswell as 2 pairs of ordinary socks! top,thin jumper,cardi and jeans etc etc..i use a electric blanket too so do my children (14 and 22) but temp in bedroom last was 9 degrees....brrrrr! lol x

me too, i got ridiculously cold when i was first diagnosed. they found that the lupus was making me anaemic! so now i am on iron pills. i am bit warmer now, but still feel the cold more than my friends. so i always wrap up warm whatever the weather and it hasnt helped that it is april and it is still freeeeezing!!!! Some days i see people in t-shirts! I wish!

Where are you, summer?!


The temperature drops and the lupie in me shivers for hours.

When the sun hides behind clouds she shivers again, until it returns, no matter what time of year. With the heating on in an house insulated up to the roof!!

When computing, clad in leg-warmers and mittens, a shawl over her shoulders, a blanket folded over her knees, she still shivers.

Layers go on, come off, go on and come off again, because her 'thermostat' has been forever out of order - and, to top it, she is a living barometer.

The shivering lupie in me ..oh, how she shivers! xxx :)

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