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Best day 4 ages

Hi all

It's bin the best day 4 me in 2 weeks pains in joints and stiffness in hands is normal ,

But I have had my first ever attack of vertigo OMG how ill was I ???

My dr was so good he took from the Monday 2 the Thursday 2 get me sorted out seeing me

Or if not phoning me .

Felt good when I got up 2day a friend asked how about going 2 asda so went at 2-30 got there and walked up and down every isle (ours has a George ) got home 6-45 how good was that ? But I know tomorrow will b a slow day

Off 2my lovely warm bed now

All have a good Easter

Xxx Lesley

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It's great to hear that you had such a good day, & that you are being realistic about how you will feel the following one.

This is the bit I still struggle with. If I have a good day, I think I am cured & that I can tackle anything! Then it's a big crash back down to earth, & I'm left kicking myself for being so daft.

But after all these years, & the help of fellow lupies like you, the penny is finally beginning to drop.

Have a lovely, restful, bank holiday week end. X


Hi loves x

Thank 4 your words u and me both some days I think have they diagnosed rite then bang

Yes they have . I have my first appointment in June after the dr's told me what was wrong and a lot has happened since 4th feb my dr and nurses I c r lovely good job as I'm still learning

Not 2meny eggs 2morrow by 4 les x x


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