Into hospital... Praying my body does not over-react :)

Well my lovely Eater gift this year is a trip into hospital, nothing serious thankfully, more like one of those niggling, irritating things I will be glad to see the back of. The op does not worry, more the reaction of my already knackered body to a general anesthetic and bits being chopped out... we will see what happens :)

Will update when I get to the other side lol :) x

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  • stay strong silvermyst, sending you a easter hug x

  • Love and a hug xx

  • You sound like you're going in whole and come out in pieces, I hope that won't be the case!! Good luck with the op and hopefully even the lupus will feel sorry for you and leave you alone this time. Take care x

  • Sending a hug and hoping....see you soon xx

  • Good Luck and big hugs x

  • Sending love and light best wishes x

  • I hope it all goes well silvermyst, & that you are home again very soon, resting & recuperating. X

  • Take care and all the best for you, happy easter if you are able to enjoy it, (maybe a little choccy egg will help).

  • Take care loves a big hug from south Gloucester chat when u fell up 2it

    X x x x x x

  • Hi all and thanks for your support :)

    Have had a very restful time post-op and thankfully have had no major flare to contend with so I'm happy :)

    Still painful and resting lots but otherwise feeling much more myself.

    Thanks for being there xx

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