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PIP - working age

The latest Lupus magazine has a very useful piece on PIP (provided by Disability Rights Norfolk).

It talks about the benefit being for people 'of working age'. But what exactly does this mean?

Directgov site says people aged 16-64. But as a woman ‘of a certain age’, my state retirement age will be 62 years and 4 months (born 22.7.52, retirement sometime in November 2014). So do I at that point cease to be ‘of working age’, even though I am younger than 64?

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You can contact the DWP to clarify what YOUR ages will be. I have a friend who is 67 and at that age will stay on DLA for life. I - at will have to transfer to PIPS at my next review...

There's always something to look forward to!!!!!!!!



Have just checked with DWP who say that 'of working age' is 16-64. They take the male retirement age as the definition of 'of working age'. How sexist :-)!


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