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painful knee again :(

evening fellow loopies,

as some of you know i have "knackered knees" (the technical term used by my lupus nurse!) caused by being a sporty girl at school (many moons ago now) and i now live with painful knees that ache in cold weather and high summer temps aswell. my knee caps pop sideways easily too.

on thursday i was kneeling at work and i felt something "snap /ping" in my knee and now i cant weight bear on my left knee when i try to walk upstairs so im going up one stair at a time same as a small child would,weight bearing on my right leg, does anyone know what ive done please?

pain is extremley bad when i do try,i cant keep strapping my knees up as i want to rebuild my strength in them,i walk my dogs as brisk as i can but cannot jog as my hips hurt. dont want to waste gp's time.

im taking cod liver oil capsules and glusomate suppliments to ease pain and hopefully reduce further damage. i walk everywhere as i cant drive and im on my feet at work all shift and clock up some miles! lol. trying to loose weight aswell but cant seem to mend my knees??

any help will be great,thankyou x

a grumpy growly canine

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I developed a very painful knee recently(wear and tear).Agony even with all the pain relief I take.I had fluid drained and a steroid injection and the difference was amazing.I don`t know if this would help but it might be worth enquiring.


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