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Severe Knee Pain

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Hello again guys and girls!

So, I am not sure how long this has been going on but I have been having horrible knee pain. I have been having problems squaring down, kneeling down, going up the stairs, and putting pressure on my knees.

Does anyone else have this issue? It been impairing my functioning quite a bit and I am kind if worried.

Thank you:)

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Yup I get it regular, my knee feels twice size when a flare attacks it, hard to bend and painful to walk! I can guarantee mine always flares in the week when I have to spend 9 hrs on it at work grr, I just bang Naproxen in me 😁

I get daily pain in my knees, it is bilateral and really painful. I can't kneel on the floor and struggle with steps and just walking. It sucks!

Hi. I have had painfull swollen knees on and off for years. Worth getting it checked out. I have had small ops on both knees ( a cartilage cleanup) . also have now been diagnised with Osteo Arthritis. But also have hypermobility so now have exercises to firm my hips to help my knees and just yesterday got orthotic insoles to raise the arch of my foot and heel. Phew!! And I bet, although I can never be sure what is what that I have lupus related inflamation aswell. Go see GP or Rhuemy to have tests and xrays done. My Rhuemy has been amazing about my knees and got a lot done through referrals that orthopaedics have not. Good luck.

My son and I both have similar problems. We have found that the pain and mobility is worse when our Vitamin D levels drop. Have you had your Vitamin D checked recently?

The arthritis associated with Lupus seems to go after my knees every time. It started when I was a kid. I am 50 now and it's the same thing, pain and swelling. If I don't move, it gets worse, so I walk slowly holding my walker. I hope you find relief from your pain!

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I am glad to know I am not crazy. It has been awful!

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Yes, it is awful. I'm having issues with it now. Research an "antiinflammatory diet". It helps so you can move them.

Have you been checked for bone spurs? I was having the same pain. Had an MRI & discovered a bone spur was tearing my knee. I just had surgery yesterday for the repair. You might want to check for that. It won't get better ...only worse. Good luck.

Yes! Same problem here. Swollen, painful joint knees. Sometimes that much that I can't walk and I need steroids and anti-inflammatory pills urgently. It always happens when a flare is starting so I go to the specialist right away.

Best of luck! :)

Thank you!!!

Yes I Have problems with my knees all the time especially if I have knelt on them for a short while they swell up and burn like hell for days after but I try to keep mobile instead of sitting otherwise they just seize up xx

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Thank you! I haven't had this problem before and it is causing a lot of problems.

Yes I have. Yesterday I had an appointment at trauma out patients. I need a new knee. There is nothing between the knee. It is now just bone on bone. I'd definitely get it checked out. I have osteoarthritis too as well as lupus. I'm in constant pain and I'm only 44 years old x

Yes, other than just feeling awful and fatigue the knee pain is my worst pain. Soooi bad!!! I'm 49 and feel like I'm 109. Can't stoop, bend or walk up stairs what's so bad is I can't play wit my granddaughter. I was going to a orthopedist and getting steroids shots but they are wearing off before the 3 months are up so I talked to my rhumy and he started me on MTX injections. I'v been on them for 4 weeks now and seems like I have less swelling and tenderness in my hands, but from what I understand it can take a while for it to start working. So we will see how it goes, I'm just so happy we're trying something. Hugs to you, as I know how debilitating and depressing it can be.

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Hi Boxxietrolls,

Have you spoken to you GP or rheumatologist about the pain you are experiencing?

Around 90% to 95% of people with lupus will experience muscle and/or joint pain. To find out how lupus flares of joints and muscles can be treated, you may wish to read our factsheet on ‘LUPUS: The Joints and Muscles’ here:

We published an article on our blog in April about ‘pain management’ which I hope you will find useful:

Please let us know how you get on, all the best.

I have been having problems for a long time. Now if I try to get on my knees it feels like broken glass and it is impossible to do. I have osteoarthritis to. I don't know if it is lupus or the other.

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I have just had a total knee replacement after being diagnosed with avascular necrosis due to taking steroids for my SLE over several years.

Sorry for your pain and what u are going through. God bless.

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