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ESA letter

Just had my ESA letter and I'm seriously worried. I take forever to fill in forms as my brain just doesn't work. I take so long to get ready for appointments and have to rest for days before just to be able to go anyway. I'm getting stressed now just thinking about it and we all know what happens when we get stressed.

I have read so many bad things about the process and results. Has anybody had any non bad times with the process just to give me some hope.

Hugs to everybody Helen

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Not personally Helen, but I can understand how awful this must be for you. Are you in touch with your local lupus UK group, there will be people there who have been through this & could give you advice. Also I have seen info about this on the fibromyalgia UK website. Someone at your local benefits office should help you fill in the forms, that's what they are paid for after all. Get as much help as you can, it will show how much you really need these benefits. Very best wishes. X


Expecting mine any day so I know how you feel :( Yes, some have done OK but I gather it's generally not going that well for SLE battlers. The form alone doesn't really give you the opportunity to tell them everything about your health/mobility problems so make sure you write a clear description of the problems your condition presents vis a vis your ability to work on a separate sheet of paper. Also, have a look here for tips on presenting your case: Good luck!!!


Just got mine through to complete (this is the second time I've had 2 do it this year). Ring them & explain that u need quite a while 2 do the form because of all u're problems (they WILL backdate any payments). I lterally write a couple of sentences each day. Make sure u mention absolutely everything, even if u don't think it's related 2 u're lupus or worth mentioning and let u're GP know u've done the form & explain 2 him/her what u've written (take a photocopy if u can 2 help with the next form they send). It always sends me in2 a panic doing all these forms too but unfortunately, we gotta do them :0( CAB or DIAC will fill the forms out 4 u and u can also get a frtiend 2 fill it in as long as u sign it. Good luck.


*friend, fingers going manic 2day lol!


I'm just appealing mine as they said I'm fit for work placement t even though I cannot walk or do much and even though the medical information from the medical team says I will never be fit for work it just boggles me hope it goes well for you xx


Make me laugh, they really don't have a clue do they? My Doc has said I am unfit 4 work until further notice, as has my Rheumy but it's still not good enough 4 'The Social' :0/ Good luck with the appeal ;0)


I know I've got hold of the disability advisor for Wales he even say its stupid so see what happens


Hi I got help from local council social services welfare rights officer and eventually (after an appeal) had a good outcome by being put in support group of ESA with no review for next couple of years

I think you need your GP to refer you to welfare rights. Also it is extreemly likely that your GP will at some stage have to back up what you tell them on the form (and at any medical ATOS conduct) so be sure to fully discuss with GP your symptoms and how this affects what you can and can not do. Do not be affraid to let GP know how stressfull you find it or if either your physical and/or mental health is suffering as a result - as this may ultimately help you as they are not ment to give decision that would be detrimental to your health

When filling in the form you have to score "points" based on the form questions and get enough points before they give you ESA. Points are made up from physical descriptors and mental health descriptors and you need 15 points in total to get ESA.

There are also some "descriptors" that apply to wether you would be entitled to support group rather than WRAG - if any of these do not apply there is an alternative method to get in support group under the Exceptional Circumstances Rule (ESA Regulation 35), which means you should get medical evidence to support a statement that there would be a substantial risk to your physical or mental health if you were found to be fit for WRAG.

This blog has some usefull info In particular the link is very usefull showing how they "calculate your points" -

If you are a member of the charity Lupus UK they can help as they are a member of "benefits and work" where there is good advise re making the best possible claim -

Lupus UK also did a letter for me to help when I had to appeal the original ESA decision - e-mail them with some basic details

good luck


Thank you everybody for taking the time to reply. Thanks Fabwheelie for all the info and advice. I will follow it up and contact the doctor as you suggest. I will also contact my ex employers as I was made redundant due to ill health.

Again many thanks. Helen


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