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This would be quite witty if it was not so appalling....ATOS

I see that at the BMA Conference, Scottish GP's have nicknamed their local ATOS Disability Benefit assessment centre "Lourdes" - because claimants "Go in sick and come out cured".

It is becoming even more of a disgrace that when so many MP's are now becoming more enraged about it, that Ian Duncan Smith's Department are refusing to speak either with them or the main disability organisations, or enter into any discussion about it at all. Perhaps we need another on-line petition to force the issue......

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My son has had dealings with them and they are a disgrace, no idea if a person is ill or not and don't care.We have had to appeal every time, why they are still using Atos I don't know.Everyone is a Liar according to them.


According to the Department for Work and Pensions who contract ATOS to undertake the assessments, they say that they merely "apply the DWP’s criteria and policy to all of the assessments we provide." So if you read that as the "Government's instructions" to atos, presumably to save money on benefits, not sure that ATOS is to blame for the outcomes. Unfortunately however, ATOS appear to be giving different answers on the assessment form to what has been stated by the claimant, and also with a could not care less attitude as you say. That is presumably why they are still being used, as they fall in with what the government wants. It would appear that they are both as bad as each other!

Just hope DWP realise soon that the cost of the numerous appeals will shortly outweigh any savings. The appeals already cost £25 million in the first six months of 2012.


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