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Loss of feeling

Hey, I am a little concerned and would like to know whether anyone else has experienced the same thing before. Basically I was well for while but now I am having a flare again and in a lot of pain the usual... But this time I have noticed, I have lost sensation in the end of my thumbs. It's numb.. Is this anything to worry about? I am used to having swollen hands and feet but this is different, I even have a cut on my thumb that I cannot feel. :-/ xxx

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I have had numb patches on my thumbs,it could be inflamation?but i would go get it checked out ,dont panic though ,,it will worsen ,i try to relax as my symptoms get worse else,good luck ;)


I have experienced numbness too, shay1. Mainly in my face & hands, but can be anywhere in between. It's very alarming I know, & you should get it checked out to be on the safe side.

But to reassure you, my scans were clear & the symptoms did improve. Although still reappear intermittently when I'm flaring or from triggers like heat & sunlight.

Take care & very best wishes. X


Hi Shay

It would seem that we are two of a kind. Flares in hands and feet, swelling, excrutiating pain and left with nerve damage that results in numbness. Both my hands now have reduced sensation my main problem is burning my hands and cannot feel it until its too late, it seems that the message of pain takes too long to get through to the brain. Both ring and middle finger on each hand are now numb and nothing I do seems to make it any better. All I can do is adapt to the new situation and hope the full sensation comes back but I am not holding my breath. Hope your thumbs recover.

Best Wishes


I get numbness at the very tips of my fingers also my toes and I have numb patches on my legs and face but they are very small and I know they're there but it's difficult to find them. My feet sometimes feel as though half of them are missing and the toes start half way down my foot that's very strange when that happens!


I too have numb patches (coming and going) on my face and scalp, in fingertips and toes and on my back and sometimes on the legs. It's annoying when fingertips go numb as it makes me drop things. It does seem as if many lupies have a problem with numbness. Perhaps you should ask your consultant for an appointment with a neurologist to check if you have CNS involvement. Good luck. xxx :)


Thank you all, for getting back to me, I have spoke to my consultant and if it does not improve then he said he may refer me to have a shock test by sending an electric current into my finger.. something like that.. it did not sound pleasant! :P x


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