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Hair loss, itchy and painful scalp.

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I am having a hard time sleeping coz of itchy scalp and pain. I also have hair loss which I have noticed whilst I washed the hair. it's falling off in big chunks and it's noticeable even on combing. Any advice on what to use or do is most appreciated.

If there is anyone with same symptoms please give info on how you deal with it.

Take care x

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hi there Pipdo36 i was wondering if what you have is psoriasis the reason why i'm asking this is because if your scratching your head it will cause friction which could be what's causing your hair to fall out, if this is what you have go to your doctor for some tablets to help. can i ask do you get like white flakes of skin coming with you hair and is the sore Patches red in color if so then that's what you have. please keep in touch so i know how your getting on kindest regards Alan xx

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Hi bigalan, thanks for your reply, I do get red patches and the white flakes. I went GP and was told not to worry as she said it was a lupus flare. I explained that I know when am getting a flare and this was different of which I was told to get used to my condition and to just take prednisolone double dose... Which is 10mg as i I am on 5mg per day. There was no change. So now am stuck and was thinking of phoning my Rheumy to get an earlier apmnt as am to see him in January. Thanks for the reply. I will keep in touch.

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hi Pipdo36 i suffer from psoriasis for years and if your getting the same as me then you need some tablet can't remember what they put me on, my psoriasis i get all it all over my body, and i know how your feeling, please see a different doctor or another good thing i use if its not to bad and that's vitamin e gel but its the natural gel it is expanse at think about £25.00 but its a big bottle but it lasts for years but boy does it easy the pain and redness, your most welcome my friend let me know how you get on take care Alan xx

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I have psoriasis of the scalp I got shampoo from my doctor it has coconut oil in it and also a lotion to put on my scalp

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Would you kindly tell me which shampoo you got from doctor? -Thanks.

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Hi foxglove the shampoo is called Capasal Therapeutic made by DERMAL

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Much thanks for reply!

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hi there many thanks for your reply, there are many things that can help, the problem i have is trying to remember them, so i glad you have texted i can write this down so i can use for someone else. hope your psoriasis isn't to bad today mine has nearly gone i've got a bit on my chest which i hope will soon go. take care my friend look forward to your next reply kindest regards Alan

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Hi, I will try to book an apmnt with a different doc hope they listen. Thanks for the information. X

Hi, I had this problem when I first started taking hydroxychloroquine. It's a recorded side effect. I got betnovate based shampoo for the scaly scalp and now just use a shampoo with no perfume or parabans. Herbal essences do one. Hair loss hasn't completely stopped but is 90% better. Hope this helps.

I have lupus and Addison's disease and have started loosing hair just as you say in handfuls. My endocrinologist has said I need tests for the Addison's but I'm thinking I might need to go see the rheumy as well. I don't have psoriasis I dint have any skin issues on my head at all.

Pipido....i use to be up from itchy scalp...sesame oil on head 1/2 hr day wash out. Leave on your head at night. Put. Towel on your pillow. Wash off in morning. Natural anti scalp is a lot bettter. It itches here and there, but nothing like it use to.

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Thank you for the info, I will try that.... I'm still awake as am itching! I guess that's what we get with lupus!

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Oh, and organic, cold pressed sesame oil. The sell on amazon. I couldnt live without it. I also put on my entire body for my dry, dry skin.

Hey Pipido, I know how you feel. I have been dealing with hair loss for many years now, mostly because I never been diagnosed with lupus until four months ago, though I've had symptoms and complained a lot to my former doctors! During 2011-2012 my hair began to fall out in chunks! I'd go to the restroom and comb my hair and look down on the floor in shock. Everyday I scooped up a tennis ball full of hair, until I had none left, but maybe 10% of my hair, if that! I've always had long and thick hair so it took a while for it to show that I was losing it and then fall out completely!

Once I was diagnosed and put on methotrexate, folic-acid and prednisone, my hair is now filling back in, not as quick as i would like it to, but I am glad to see hair. I read that if you have lesions during the falling out stage then the hair would not grow back again. It was a blessing from God that I didn't get lesions, but I tell you what I did do, I kept tending to my scalp as if I had a head full of hair. Another thing I stopped doing was washing with shampoo. We don't have to wash our hair with shampoos to get it clean! You can get a conditioner that doesn't have sulfates, parabens, alcohol and there is another ingredient that they put in shampoos and conditioners that is absolutely not good for the hair, but I don't remember right now which one it is. Look for products that are natural, and trust me when I tell you some of these shady manufacture's are claiming some of their products are natural but they are not! So you have to be careful. Amazon has some really good products, but they costs.

Let me tell you what I have found that works really well without all of the high costs. Purchase a little spray bottle, you are going to buy essential oils, such as: castor oil, almond oil (which smells really nice), cinnamon (which you have to use very little, because it will burn your scalp if you use too much, smells nice too), castor oil, glycerin water or gel, chamomile and/or passion flower oils, avocado oils (each of those all smell really nice too) and mix a little of each with water into the water bottle. Each morning and at night shake the bottle to stir up the oil/water mixture and spray on the hair. Cover your hair as much as possible. Or wear the hair in protective styles. I don't know if you have a perm, but if you do you are at a higher risk of losing more hair. Still, don't fret, stress will only cause more to come out. Just continue to use the oils and I would suggest going to a dermatologist for advice. I know mine told me years ago don't ever put chemicals in my hair, but I have very sensitive skin.

Another thing, I don't believe I read what type of medicines you are taking. I am on methotrexate, folic-acid and prednisone. My doctor told me immediately that I would have some hair loss, but I didn't, because I had lost most of it before the diagnosis:) I actually ended up gaining some of my hair back! But, your med doctor is not a dermatologist and probably will not be able to tell you exactly why the hair is falling. 'Don't worry about it,' yeah right, we are women of course we are going to worry about it! I hope this helps. Those oils I mentioned are good for all types of hair, but especially for Black women since we have naturally dry hair and need to add oils. What I like about these oils are the health components that are in them, and they don't leave the hair weighed down with a greasy feeling. You should think about going natural now if you are perming. Natural is best!

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Thank you Helen for the reply. There's a time when I lost most of my hair! But it grew back but was now thin. Just this last year my hair became thick and grew long. I have always used natural hair products per serving.... But now it falling out again. It is so stressful. I guess I will book apmnt with my dermatologist to rule out any medication effects... I am on hydroxychloroquine, prednisolone, dulexotine, omeprazole etc.

As for the oils, I will definitely buy them and give it a go.

Thank you again

Take care

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It could be the medicine, they will thin the hair as well as lupus. Try the oils and try to cover the hair while you are at home or during anytime you can feel comfortable with a scarf on, or simply pin it up gently without pulling the edges. It will grow back, don't worry. A good natural product from Amazon: JustNaturals, there is a product especially for alopecia (hair loss), there is also a apple cider rinse, which are two products that I buy and love! Also, another good product that you should be able to buy over the counter is: Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie, they have other products, but I only fool with the one with the orange label and reads as what I wrote above. With this one though you cannot lather a lot, but a little goes a long ways. If you put too much in your hair will have little white beads holding in the hair, but this is a very good product that is natural and will thicken and grow the hair! Caucasians should put in the hair while it is wet, though we can do this after a shampoo or rinse, we can continue to put it in our hair over the course of the hair drying out or just as a daily moisture. Again, light oils and not greasy.

During the Winter season you are not going to be able to use coconut oil, unless you don't mind a hardening of the hair and the showing of the oil laced to the hair (if it becomes cold where you live), but replace it with shea-butter instead. Again, use a little, shea-butter can be greasy and a little goes a long ways! What I like about all of the oils I mentioned in the first reply is that they are good for one, but also they can be used for hair and skin! Okay, girl sorry for the length, but I know how you feel and don't want another woman going through what I have gone through! Oh, and you are quite welcome, anytime!

I have itching scalp only at the front of my head but I have not had any hair loss but my hair use to be really thin when I was diagnosed with Lupus but since I wear weave it has got thicker and I use Miroccon oil to moisture the scalp and Dermacool Cream 5% to burn the itching away but I have only started using this cream since September 27 and I am still getting itching so I will have to wait and see. The Dermatologist asks if it was my weave but she could clearly see that my weave was not attached to my scalp because it needs doing so I showed the Dermatologist where the itching was and it was my own natural hair. I would go back to your Doctor and ask for a second opinion that is what I am going to do if this itching continues because it is really stressing me out. Good luck in finding a remedy for your hair anything with herbal oils is good that Miroccon oil is really really good.

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