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Just got bk from the gp and still only on pain killers, is there something I should be asking them for ? ;(

been up all nite and off work again, went to the gp and told her about the pain, just for her to ask if I have enough pain killers, I don't want to be taking the max dose of pain relief every four hours especially when I'm at work the last time I done that I fell down the steps twice within an hour and had a massive bruised behind for ages. I don't know how long I have to bloody wait for the hospital to actually put me on some proper meds to make me feel better, even if I can just feel normal for a few hours it's so down heartening . She said she will try and rush the app for the hospital but I just didn't know if there's anything I should be asking her for, she asked if I wanted sleeping tablets but I told her no as I can't be feeling groggy going to work the next day, feel as if you just don't get listened to ;) hope everyone is well and not feeling too much pain today ;) on a good note I have sent for my DLA application forms today wish me luck hopefully I can get a little help there? X x

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If you've not had your examination by the rheumatolgist then there's very little they can do love, I went through 3 months of agonized pain and sleeping constantly and the doctors gave me paracetamol :( hang in there hun it gets better I Promise Xxxx


Hi loubielou thanks for getting bk to me , I will keep ya updated take care x x x


Good luck with both your DLA application & your rheumy appointment, kgreig.

Rest up as much as you can, & try to write things down ready to take to your hospital appointment. Because if you are anything like me you will be a gibbering wreck by the time you get there.

As well as all the weird & wonderful symptoms you are having, be sure to tell them how this is effecting your quality of life. Doctors only seem to deal in blood tests & literal things they can see, but lupus & auto immune disease just aren't like that in reality.

Take care, & best wishes. X


Aw thank you roobarb, it's so lovely to chat to poeple on here, take care have a good weekend x x


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