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Bent Finger

its the same finger the second one from my little finger i will go asleep and then when i wake up it will be fixed into place by bending forward and i wont be able to straighten it its so annoying it only happens with that one finger every so months and its lasted for 2 days it might go away soon but anything that i can do in the meantime its painful abit too thank you.

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I have this sometimes on all fingers of both hands, I relieve the pain by soaking them in hot water, for some people cold water helps. You might try this.


I had this for a long time, I was put on steroids immediately and then methotrexate which takes longer to work. Speak to your rheumatologist.



I am too suffering badly with fingers. First my thumb n second finger on right hand. Then my left hand n fingers swelled up so much. So painful and makes everything virtually impossible. I use heat and hand and finger splints from hospital. Just to rest it for short spells of time. They help to ease pain. Also increased steroids for a week. Hope this helps and your pain improves soon xxx


Several of my fingers are quite often 'bent' and stiff - particularly in the mornings. I do some hand exercises I had from the OT, a while back, which are helpful. I think drinking enough (water ..sorry ;) ) is also important. Hope you find a solution that suits you. xxx


I too have locking of my middle finger..... it got so painfull at one stage i had to have it released by my rheumatologist by cortisone injection it worked instantly.

Every time my steriods get reduced to 2.5mg my finger joints flare!!

I am now on Methotrexate 8, 2.5 tabs once weekly. This mediction has improved my inflammed painful finger joints greatly,also my hands have good circulation and stay warm.


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