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Not sure if arthritis is now a new symptom for me. I thought i was doing ok, but now my right middle finger locks and pops everyday for the past month i would say. I cant seem to close my fist too tighly either without pain and discomfort. Almost like there is fluid buildup in the bottom part of my finger. Very uncomfortable and very difficult to pick things up. Could be just age, but i am only 52. I feel like 72 most days. I put a brace on at night, and it seems to pop less. Almost like planter faciitis in the hand instead of the foot. I had that too awhile ago. But, it went away. My hands hurt in general. I suppose it is arthritis. I was wondering if anyone else had this?

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  • My hands fingers and wrist have that same problem. I never had these symptoms until I got lupus.

  • I definitely have arthritis particularly affecting my finger joints. So Natura,I would say that lupus 🐕 Is attacking you, surprised 😳? Don't be. Grrr.



  • Has Rheumatoid Arthritis ever been suggested Natura? I know you have struggled to get a diagnosis of Lupus because of negative autoabtibodies. But 30% of people with RA are seronegative and, like Lupus, it is also a systemic disease so you might have a few months or years of feeling lousy before it shows itself through synovial swelling.

    I'm not saying you have it of course because I'm not remotely qualified to - but it would be worth showing your trigger finger to a doctor anyway because this is common with RA - I had it for a few years in both hands and in other joints too. RA mainly affects the finger joints nearest and including your knuckles.

  • Hi Twitchy...i was feeling pretty good lately, except for the exhausted feeling where i need to lie down immediately. Working part time right now, thinking i am cured. But, this hand pain, knuckle pain and trigger finger have just appeared over the past month. Trying to find natural treatment. Turmeric, ginger not working. Ugh!

  • It won't be enough to treat as leaky gut if you have RA Natura. I have exactly the same thing going on (lying down) apart from the synovial swelling and even them I've had to remove my wedding ring fir first time in a few years! Could be orthostatic hypotension if it improves when you lie down? X

  • Doesnt relieve when i lie down twitchy.if i put a tape brace on it during the night, i have read that it gives the tendon a rest. It pops more in the morning when i dont put tape on it.

  • I have this, index finger is swollen at the moment, so I am using my middle finger to type. I have had RA tests and my bones are straight, so it's not arthritis as such, but a build up of synovial fluid. I find cold compresses work best. Lupus and related conditions are a poo! Air hugs to all. X

  • Interesting music. If your bones are straight, its not arthritis? I guess i need to see a dr.

  • I probably didn't put it consultant thought I had RA or arthritis, but x rays showed straight bones, so he ruled that out and concluded connective tissue disease! My thumb goes out at odd angles, sometimes...both hands, but I gather that's a lupus thing. In between, I have nice straight fingers for a while! I treasure the days when that happens....xx

  • Painful hands and feet are a big thing with me and Lupus. I wake up with fat hands and can't close into a fist. I have had several trigger fingers and thumbs. To start with a steroid injection can help. If it gets worse or injections stop working then a small operation to release the channel that the ligaments (I think it is ligaments) go through helps enormously. The GP should refer you.

    I also now have several ganglions in my hands and feet which can be very painful at times and have made a patch of my foot numb. (This numbness can last months and then slowly go). I also don't wear pretty shoes anymore prefering the open foot wear of Berkenstocks or leather cloggs. My feet can then swell up when they like without too much trouble. Braces on my hands at night help when I need it and I haven't worn my wedding ring for 25 years as my hands swell up easily. I can't pick up small things like needles.

    Not much fun but we could be worse. And yes, it all comes and goes to an extent. I believe it is called inflamatory arthritis.

  • Hi SH...i have terrible health ins. Operation not possible. I have heard people get that done. Some positive, some negative after surgery. A shot in my hand? No frea}%}>~ way! I am not interested in that. Although 6 mos of relief sounds nice. Obviously, a steroid injection. Any side effects?

  • Yes, easily sorted with an injection into the hand - clears mine for a good 6 months. My GP does it for me - good luck!

  • Interesting that it occurs with Lupus as I am just being referred to see if it is that I have - have revisited MS 3 times now and it isn't that ....

  • Yes I have this too. Middle finger. All of a sudden locks up in this strange position & very painful, like cramp in the finger. Pain I wrists, lumps in hand which doc says is all due to using a stick.

    My Aunty had same but lots worse & she had small opp. To release tendon or something on those lines, can't remember whole storey but she said it's ok now & think she is waiting now to get other hand done.

    So what I'm saying is that if it is affecting you that bad, there is something that can be done.

    Luv Jan x

  • husband popped my finger back this morning. I sort of panicked when i couldnt do it. He said he felt the tight tendon. Ugh!

  • Yuk that doesn't sound good Natura, I panic as soon as mine does it , it's just a horrible feeling, isn't it ?. I normally have to really shake my hand...error it's making me cringe thinking about it lol

  • Thank you everyone for your most helpful and thoughtful comments. I am not sure what i am going to do. I hate my primary care dr. I need to find a new one.

  • My fingers have been doing this a few years now. Mine swell & lock in a fist position for several days & they are extrememly painful. Rheummy has said its trigger finger but mine dont click back out of position? They gradually unlock when the pain & swelling goes. Ive had steroid inhections into the joint & its worked really well. Also Ive started azathioprine as my lupus wasnt well controlled & I havent had trigger finger since starting this drug 3 months ago. I think it more problematic when lupus is active. Its def not nice!

  • Thanks lupielass. I have had it for about a month. Its not going away. I have to consider my plan of action.

  • I have had this?? comes and goes..very toes do also..they swell ,turn beet red, and when I bend them different toes are bright white, when I show rheumy pics he just said ah yes??

  • From what you say this could be carpal tunnel syndrome where a tunnel in the bones etc in the wrist cause pressure on the tendon - if so, its very common and can easily be fixed with a minor operation under local anaesthetic. But you do need a medical opinion I'm afraid!

  • Hi Natura, I just started getting exactly what you describe but in my left hand thumb. It locks and to straighten it I have to 'click' it. I was taking no notice the first couple of times but now it's freaking me out a little as it's becoming more frequent. I had put it down to too much movement (I'm a piano player/music teacher) but now probably need to rethink that one! And just when I thought I was getting back on track after lots of antibiotics for repeated chest infections over the past few months.. The joys of lovely lupus!!


  • Aster....make sure you are taking probiotics when on antibiotics! 😊

  • Ugh!

  • I know I should and had great intentions but never took any yet.. I Just bought Super8 this w/e and will start them tomorrow. Have you any advice on the best brand of probiotics? Thanks Natura. 😊

  • Hi Natura,

    The joints can become inflamed causing pain and swelling in lupus. The joints most frequently involved are the hand joints, the wrists and the knees. You can read more about this in our factsheet, 'LUPUS - The Joints and Muscles' at

  • Thank you Paul. I will look into, as my left knee partially locked on me this morning going downstairs. Ugh! I always hold the railing, and looking to move to a one story house in the next 5 years or so.

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