Low vitamin d levels and low full blood count- and more tablets

Went for my normal blood tests and additional vitamin D test due to muscle twitches ans achy legs and arms. I have just been informed my vitamin levels are really low, mine is 24mild and should be between 70-150! I just wondered if anyone else has low vitamin d? I never know what is caused by lupus or not. My full blood count was also low but they said this could be because of lupus. Just been prescribes tablets for vitamin d and now for my raynaunds getting fed up taking them all. Just wanted to moan really!!

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  • Many people with lupus have low vitamin D (and so do many people in the general population). Luckily, this is one of the things that is quite easily rectified with a vitamin D3 supplement (not D2!) and some calcium.

    Blood count is something else - and although it is the same for lots of us - I can't really help you with that.... but there are various things they can do.

  • Sorry - meant to say that what they do will depend on exactly which bits of your blood are awry.

    Also meant to say that Vitamin D really helped my achey bones!

  • My vitamin D is 22 ! i've been taking D3 for a couple of days now and am hoping to feel the difference in my symptoms when it improves !!!!!!!??????

  • I think a bit of sun helps absorb the Vit D..... so given the winter is ending (!) this might help improve your situation, unless of course you are v photosensitive and hide until the winter months!

    What a pickle eh! Cheery up! :-)

  • My Vit D is <14. I have had 10,000 units of Vit D a week which has helped hugely with leg psin and tiredness which hit particularly badly in the evenings. Even my hair is better.

  • Hi Sarah and everyone

    Mine is also low and have been told by St Thomas clinic to speak with GP. Have you been prescribed tablets and if so what as the usual thing they seem to dish out is ADCAL which is a very low dose of Vit D3.

    Is your GP receptive to prescribing vitamin D ?

    Thanks Foss

  • My Vit D 10,000 units is only available on prescription from the hospital. I am soon switching to 800 units daily which the GP can prescribe

  • Thanks for info I'll have to visit my GP.

  • I've been prescribed 20,000 units daily for 2 weeks, then one a month! Seemed a high dose but guessing doc knows. Thanks for ur comments

  • I was prescribed 20,000 units daily fro a month then doc saidvafter thaqt get them over the counter which are only 1,000 a day.Been feeling rubbish lately but not sure if it wasdown to that or not.

  • Not sure what my dosage is as need to wait until weds morning but I have to have vit d injections as it would be too much to take in tablet form. Have v low vit d :-(

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