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Low White Blood Cell Count

Hi - been diagnosed with Lupus and associated conditions for Approx. 4 years and whilst it has been quite life changing, I know I have been lucky in comparison to many.

I am having flare up currently (fatigue and cognitive function/depression) being my bigger problems and most recent blood tests show white blood cell count amongst other things.

I take a Hydroxychloroquine, an antidepressant, and Vitamin D - was going to start mycophenolate but the low WBC has prevented this. So I will be starting Prednisolone shortly.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how else to raise your WBC or anything I can be doing to help myself/eating etc?

Thank you in advance - just joined this community so I hope this is an OK post.

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👋👋👋👋hello Chloe & welcome

Yes, I think your post is more than ok!

This sort of WBC problem is something quite a few of us have to sort out

Am sure you'll get some great low is your WBC reading & how consistently + long has it been this low?

My cautious inclination is to respect your consultant's decision to delay trying myco....but I would continue to question the logic behind his/her approach to the issues involved in designing your treatment plan

my version of WBC probs is chronic lymphopenia: my WBC count is just in normal range, but lymphocytes are always just below normal range. There doesn't seem to be anything we can do about this, so we just watch all my WBC results closely via 2 monthly blood tests. And I am conscientious about lifestyle management 😏

I have been on daily myco (although only at the relatively low dose of 1000mg per day) for several years now, in a bespoke combined therapy treatment plan alongside daily hydroxy, low dose pred & amitrip, and also daily prophylactic antibiotics ongoing...all that seems to be helping me a lot so far so's taken rheumatology & immunology 5 years to figure out that this therapeutic combination is right for me 😉

Will be interested to read your replies as they come in

Take care

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


Thank you so much for replying - it is so useful to understand more about the combinations of drugs other people are taking and their experiences. Appreciating that it will be different for everyone suffering from the different aspects and severity of Lupus - but it is just helpful knowing you are not alone and makes it feel a bit more normal. Sometimes when I am talking to my husband about it can see him looking a bit freaked out!

My WBC is 2.68, neutrophils 1.34, and lymphocytes 0.80. I have to confess I don't know how this stacks up or how this may have changed from previous tests as its the first time I have seen the slip from the hospital who sent me the GP's version of the letter by accident this time. So the other important thing I have taken from your reply is to get these stats myself each time so that I can monitor the changes myself. Also I have only been having blood tests twice a year maximum so maybe I should ask for them more regularly.

So thank you again,



Spot on! I totally agree! E.g. my lupus & Vasculitis clinic has me keep a bloods result & meds taken record booklet...I have to get printouts of all my regular GP-processed lupus monitoring blood tests as they come in & enter the results in my booklet. This is extra important because my GP & local bloods lab are in a different NHS trust from the big teaching hospital where I attend lupus & Vasculitis clinic

I can understand your consultant's caution: Those results are significantly low by the normal ranges we use at my clinic:

WBC 4-11

Lymphocytes 1.5-4.0

Neutrophils 2-7.5

Both the intervals at which blood is tested & the individual tests done vary depending on various factors inc our version of immune dysfunction, our meds etc. So, discuss this with your consultant


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Hi chloeabradley,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK community here on HealthUnlocked.

We have a range of publications which are available to download via our website including our 'Lupus and Healthy Eating' booklet which you may find helpful -

I hope you find this forum helpful and should you need anything at all, please feel free to get in touch with either myself or Paul_Howard and we will do our best to help.

Best wishes,




Thank you - this is really useful and a good reminder that a big packet of crisps and a glass of wine may feel like a big hug but isn't helping! Well not every night. Seriously - it has made me focus on some food groups I should be including more of. Thank you

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Welcome Chloe

You have arrived at the single most important resource you could find. Well done!

On here you will have the combined experiences of hundreds of loving people. I mean that. Every concern raised is hugged and supported however simple a question you may have. No question in my experience has ever been disavowed or patronised or ignored. Just come on and read if you have time. It is amazing who and what you will see and what information you can pick up. Plus such good advice on how appointments should go etc. Do you know some people on here even do quite academic research for themselves - then post it here for us all. How selfless is that?

I have christened some folk on here gurus, you will soon come to read, if not meet them. The quality of their empathy and solid no nonsense advice can be banked on.

Ive been around a bit, usually resigned to those with agendas, or problems, bless them, who can put a less than helpful slant on groups, clubs, classes etc etc etc but I can honestly say, you will be supported effortlessly here, empathised with, we ALL get it! We've ALL got it! You will never feel alone again.

You will be humbled by those who inspire us by word or tireless striving through some most difficult trials. You will be amazed at the variety of personalities, the humour, the knowledge but you will never be disappointed here.

We know

We understand

All of it.

Come join our loving, caring sincere group. Before your medical people, here you will be armed with the best of everything in order to understand our pesky problems and how to get the most out of your doctors (and how to change them if you are talking to yet another being who cant wont listen!) and be supported through thick and thin. Share our disasters and our oh so few, seeming, triumphs!

Welcome Chloe

Best wishes


You will never feel alone again



Hi Chloe

Just to reassure you that my WBC sits at around 2.3 - 2.5 and has done for several years. This is seen as a feature of my disease so I was started on Mycophenolate in the hope of raising it. That said, my immune system is strong (very!) so I don't pick up lots of infections. I think your consultant must have good reason for his decision as they are usually keen to keep steroid use to a minimum.

One other thing - my B12 has nudged downwards over the past couple of years and I had the 6 loading doses a few months ago. These do seem to have had some good effect on my WBC albeit only slight.

Hope you soon feel better. Clare x


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