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Lupus Fog

Just a little giggle as i have been giggling ever since.

Went into a shop they did not have what i wanted,while walking to exit,hand went in pocket pulled out car keys and stood there pressing car keys to open automatic doors to get out,I am not telling you what i said to myself when i realised what i was doing as its a bit unprintable.

My grandson said if they look at the store camera and if they see it.they will sent it to You Been Framed OMG i hope not!!

So be Warned Lupus brain Fog can strike any moment any where.

Have a Fog free Day.

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Ha ha....I like it:) x




Lol :)


hahaha........ I did something similar. I went to go down the escalator, and my brain was telling me something was wrong. Eventually, I realised (in front of everyone) that I was trying to go down the up escalator!!!!!

So, dont feel alone



Went all the way round a one way system some time ago, forgot I was walking and not in the car.


I sat in the passenger seat of my car in my drive and told my friend to shut his drivers door so we could get going. He turned to me, paused, and said, "Sarah, we've already been!!!!"........


What a giggle all.Its nice to see i am not alone

Jan x


I've done strange/odd things...

Just standing in front of plain, ordinary doors waiting for them to open for me!

Got in to the passenger seat of my car after picking my son up from school - he just stood and looked at me from the pavement...

Tried to unlock my back door to come in with the car keys...

And often - the wrong word comes shooting out of my mouth, in my head it sounds right to me, and people just stand and look!!!

You have to have a sense of humour with this or you'll not cope...



Oh Thank you all for sharing, anyone know how I can print these off to show my family and some (not all) of my friends.- it might just stop the hurtfull comments I get sometimes.


PS. It's OK I have done it.


Glad it's not just me!

This week I left my WI meeting and said 'I have to go, as Keith finishes work at 9pm'

I have been divorced from Keith for 20 years and very happily married to Paul for almost 8 years! (I didn't tell Paul what I had done!)

Then today, I was handwriting a letter and wrote my address on it - the address I haven't lived at since 2003!!!

Oh well, at least I'm not alone! :D


Haha I do stupid stuff like this all the time, it is very embarrasing!! Quite often it just the falling of words out of my mouth in any order that they decide!! Think the worst is when your trying to get throuh security questions on the phone to someone and you cant remember your current address or passwords or anything. There has been a few times I have nearly been denied access, but think it is probably in my notes with these places that I have lost my marbles!! You have to laugh though, a sense of humour is a must for this horrid condition!xxx


Thank you so much for you comments they have made me Giggle too .

Keep smiling

Jan x


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