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Hello all,

Hope you are having a good friday!

I've started a new job and am just a month in, but recently I;ve started noticing that I'm forgetting many little things and making bizarre mistakes which I wouldn't normally. I am an office junior and over the last week I have made errors like filling out paying in books wrong, forgetting why I got up, failing to remember names and messages. I have heard of lupus fog but I'm not sure whether to put it down to this or just new job nerves. Does any one suffer with this and how do you get through it?

I have to write down everything and I worry if it will get worst?


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  • Many of us suffer with this - sometimes the memory issues (cognitive impairment) get worse when tired or in a flare. Unfortunately there is no medication for it other than that used to control the lupus - if you control it properly, then the cognitive impairment improves too. You should mention it to your rheumatologist though, you might need to have an MRI of the brain just to be sure.

  • Hi, I suffer from this nearly all the time, however when I am very fatigued it becomes much worse. Unfortunately it's just another symptom of these weird disorders and the only thing you can do is learn coping strategies, such as write everything down, store reminders on your cellphone, set a timer by the cooker etc. Hope this is of some help 😀

  • Welcome to the Lupie Brain. Yes its a fact and no you are not crazy!! When Lupus first hit me in addition to being unable to walk I couldn't read or write and had zero cognitive skills. A month after Treatment started and much Physiotherapy I was out of the wheelchair, walking slowly and carefully. My ability to read came back but I'm slower than before. I still struggle 50% of the time with numbers. Simple calculations are beyond me and have trouble dialing a phone. This was and still is stressful as I was a bookkeeper, payroll and invoicing clerk. I've learned to adapt and use memory tricks. It is worse when I'm tired for sure. Some recover fully these capabilities but I am not one of them. Chin up. I am comic relief now for friends and family.

  • Get plenty rest if you can...had the same issues last year at stats were all mixed up and my memory failing.I write everything down now..use prompts and reminder labels,etc.,etc.,

  • I suffer with this badly. If I think of something I have to do I have to write it down or I will forget. Even making out a shopping list I usually end up doing it 3 times as I will forget something important and even then will forget something.

    I have lists around all the time but have to remember to mark them as done when I have done things.

  • I've always been pretty good remembering things, but last few months things have changed. I've always got to write down anything my manager tells me. It's annoying but necessary I guess.

  • Hi Lil-Miss

    Thanks for your carring words.

    It means a lot of to me.

    God bless.


  • We all stand together. Have a blessed day! :) x Cass

  • Hi

    You're alone. Lupus our lives many different ways. You must desper. Try to do what you can and live your the best you can. I have lost everything because Lupus. You must keep fighting. Have good diet and rest helps.

    Keep it way medications.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Santos, I hope things are on the up for you and much brighter. We are all suffering but there must be good days at times?

  • I think most of us suffer with this and I put it down to some form of toxicity of the brain that could be caused by overload at a specific time e.g. I am electro-sensitive and if I stay on the computer too long I start to get foggy and have to go outside in the garden and ground myself or exercise - walking or housework nothing too vigorous.

    Food can do this for me, too, and traffic fumes, oh, so many things, but my GP diagnosed depression when I first had it and put me on antidepressants which made the problem so much worse and I felt suicidal. It wasn't depression at all, but an overload of toxicity in my brain that needed clearing.

    If stuck in an office all day, I am sure I would go mad now although I worked as a teacher for years, but noticed when technology increased, I started to get the brain fog and extreme fatigue.

    I learnt so much from ES-UK, they have a website and you may like to read about electro-sensitivity because I am sure there are so many more than the ones who know they are electro-sensitive and registered as such who have electro-sensitivity.

    I use electro essence from Australian Bush Essences to help me. x

  • I can't believe so many people suffer with this, I hope you are all managing as best as you can. You've all mentioned good advice so I will try them and hopefully things will improve. That is really interesting Cann, I hadn't really heard much about that. How do you cope?

  • Hi Cann,

    Thanks for information. I just can't believed how right you are. In 2009 I could not carryout my degree because the terrible fog in my brain. Before that I was ill and I had to spend all day working in the computer in a very busy neuro department at our local hospital. I had to ask the management to make me redundant, in view that they could not have two people doing my job. I was very sick at that time. In relation to what you said about fumes you're dead right. Cigarettes, carbon monoxide, cleaning products all this things sets me off.

    Well done!



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