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Food Poisoning/NoroVirus accompanied by severe amounts of partial and complex seizures - HELP!

For the past 5 days, I've had severe sickness and diahorrea as a result of food poisoning from shellfish. I've had food poisoning from shellfish previously, but it certainly hasn't lasted this long, an entire 5 days! My boyfriend (a chef) who has also suffered with it, but only for the average 24 hour timespan, believes it to be the NoroVirus that I've picked up as a result of me being immuno-compromised due to the steroid treatment I'm currently on. But I'm not entirely sure things are as simple as just food poisoning. Along with this sickness etc, I've had around about 20/30 seizures, both General Tonic-Clonic seizures and Complex-Partial seizures (I suffer with CNS lupus amongst other types of lupus). I understand that this is a Lupus site, however, I am just curious to know whether anyone else who has or may have suffered with CNS/epilepsy had an increase in seizures during food poisoning or a tummy bug? I've been very worried lately, as I've been suffering with very severe migraines, which I've tried everything possible in order to relieve them, only to be rebuffed by my (newly appointed) doctors and given bloody Paracetamol (ppffttsshhh) to try and combat it. I've also had very odd changes in my periods over the past 3 months too. Going from what was always a reliable 5-7 days (usually fairly heavy) to an extremely light 2 days, I feared that I was pregnant. But after two urine tests and a blood test, they've all come back either inconclusive or negative. Although I am still a little worried about the pregnancy thing. My mood swings have been ridiculously irrational, along with tender breasts and cravings beyond anything I've experienced before. I have a mirena coil fitted and suffer with sticky blood syndrome too, and I understand that it puts one at a much higher risk of ectopic pregnancy. Are these usually picked up through urine and/or blood tests? As I've been having very severe pain in the groin area, too severe to just be a normal period pain. So I have a lot of worries on my mind at the moment... I've definitely had food poisoning/stomach bug from shellfish, but, along with these nasty symptoms, severe migraines, cravings, tender breasts, a major alteration in periods etc, increased seizure count, (and by increased, I'm talking going from around about 4 per year, to around about 36 in 4 weeks), and a very low immune system. My doctor just DOESN'T listen to me, I'm now thinking of returning to my previous doctor's surgery because they're all about action, rather than trial and error. And as many of you know, I'm sure, trial and error is not quite as simple in Lupus patients as it may be with other normal patients. I'm looking forward to my next appointment with my wonderful Neurologist that is Dr Charlotte Lawthom. A doctor who really DOES ACTUALLY LISTEN to what her patients tell her. If she wasn't my Neurologist, she'd be my friend. She's absolutely fantastic. Phewph... well that feels better! So, anyone else had all these funny, weird symptoms accompanied by a baby popping out 9 months later???

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wow you poor thing!!! I know it is probably a completely unwanted comment but as a previous epilepsy sufferer I know that stress can bring on more seizures, so try not to stress as much (very hard I know)

I find sittong in a dark room with a candle burning in front of you, maybe some lovely soft music in the background helps immensely. Stare at the flame on the candle and then, for me anyway, a sense of peace washes over you. It seems that the rest of the room blacks out and all you can focus on and all you can see is the flame.

Other than that, if your gp doesnt listen go to A and least they will run some kind of tests for you

Good luck huni and try not to get too upset by worrying xx


God your going through it.I am not diagnosed so don't know about meds .I just wanted to say if your body telling you pregnant and you think it could be ectopic you have to do something now go to A&E or go back to docs and ask for scan ,I really don't know what else to say except hope you get this resolved soon x


I suffer with CNS involvement but I don't & have never had any type of seizure with it (& hopefully it will stay that way).

As 4 the food poisoning, it may not b anything as sinister as Noro, it may just b a case of u're lupus is a little more active & the moment which would make it harder 4 u're body 2 fight it as well as it would normally. For example, I had gastro a couple of years back (used 2 work in a hospital so I've had my fair share of Noro & gastro episodes!) that went on 4 almost a month! I got so frustrated that in the end I just totally bunged myself up with immodium & munched on a lot of 'binding' food. Obviously, in that case, that was what my body needed as in that instance it worked.

As 4 periods (bearing in mind I was diagnosed with lupus & APS (sticky blood) 19 years ago) I have only started 2 have problems in the last 2 years (& no, I certainly aint nearing the menopause!). I tend 2 feel really rough about 2 weeks b4 I'm due on with bad stomach pains (that as u say certainly don't feel like any period pains I've heard about), vomiting, dizziness, headaches etc & I actually do feel pregnant as my boobs get really sore, go up a cup size & I get that taste in my mouth that I had when I was pregnant. I take the mini pill 4 contraception (& have done ever since I was diagnosed so it's not a case of anything changing). There do seem 2 b a lot of hormonal links with lupus & if u ask on this site, many of us have found that we have had problems in regards 2 our menstral cycle in 1 way or another.

Really bad headaches is also a common problem with lupus/APS (although u should always mention anything new 2 u're doc).

I'd also tell u're GP that she should review her bedside manner. Just cos she's a doctor, it doesn't give her the right 2 talk 2 u or make u feel like that. At the end of the day, her job is 2 try & make u feel better, feel more comfortable & put u're mind at ease etc. I would personally report her 2 the practice manager.

Lastly, I disagree with u where u say it's not 'trial & error' with lupus; we r all different & how something affects 1 person, may not be the way it affects the next. There r many meds out there that so many people swear by & would no b without, but every med I have been put on (including all these others that every1 else raves about) has made me 10 times worse & it's not as if I have some 'special strain' of lupus or anything either, I know a few lupoids who can't take a lot of the meds we r usually routinely prescribed.

Wishing u lots of luck :)


Thank you all for your words of support, especially to you Sher78. It seems you have been through a lot of the similar problems that I am going through at the moment. I really appreciate your words of wisdom, there is no subsitute for experience and there's nothing more reassuring, I find, than someone who can really offer their account of similar issues. So thank you very much. It's certainly helped me to worry less about all this business that is happening at the moment.

Once again, thank you and hope your year goes smoothly :)


I had the norovirus about two years ago (well I think that is what it was, because I did not see the doctor). I was non stop vomiting and had diarrhea for 48 hours, i could not hold even water down. i was extremely weak and a felt for about 5 days really dizzy, even when lying down in bed - awful... Felt better after a week but not quite right for a long time. Hope you feel better soon.


Just a word of warning!!! Beware if you have a compromised immune system... I thought I had gastroenteritis,but almost died as it turned out to be Salmonella!!!! Not a good time for me. I do hope that none of you dear friends go through that. :)


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