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Joint pain - is it me? Please read and give me your views, am still awaiting def lupus diagnosis but I must say you have all know the answer

I get really achey cold feet, they throb and are freezing cold (I take nifedipine for the coldness), at night my elbows lock whilst im asleep but soom wakes me with excruitating pain I scream when trying to bend or straighten them, my finger joints are always hurting too, my knees, shoulders but not hips. MY QUESTION IS AM I RIGHT IN THINKING THAT LUPUS DOES THIS OR IS IT SOME OTHER KIND OF ARTHRITIS??? Please share your thoughts. Thank you xxxx PS HAVE HAD 4 BLOOD TESTS ANA EQUIVOCAL??

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Hey i dont no much but i have lupus and knees, fingers, elbows and sometimes shoulders hurt me too and sometimes, like yourself i experience the same problems with the elbows it could be lupus but these type of joints can also be part of another type of arthritis


thank you for your comments, much appreciated but yeah i agree the umbrella of arthritis is so complicated.


Hi lupus can cause symptoms like this but so can other conditions. Not just arthritis but also other rheumatoid conditions like fibromyalgia . It's worth speaking to a specialist though to get a clear diagnosis. Lupus can mimic many conditions as other conditions can mimic lupus . Hope this helps


I'm with you I believe you to have fibromyalgia sounds like the symptoms are identical to fibromyalgia! Pain is known in shoulders elbows knees hips ankles! And trust me is excruciating pain I describe the pain to be like an elastic band pulling in the elbow and releasing or a Chinese burn to the skin!

A bag of heavy bricks round your neck and pulling so hard!

It's disabiling!

Go and check with your gp!

There is no cure for it just pain killers but even morphine don't touch the pain so it's rest

Sammy xx


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