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Does anyone know of alternative treatment for DLE other than prednisolone?


Have recently been suffering with hives and lesions due to DLE and have read that the best treatment is to take steroids. To say I am not fond of steroids would be a HUGE understatement, and so am enquiring about any possible alternatives that may relieve the itching!!!!

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hi i carly i have scle/sle so i have skin and organs problems, ive been on an immunsuppressant called methotrexate for a year now and not had 2 had a single steriod since dec last year whoop woo its a major decision goingon them as they CAN effect ur liver/bone marrow 2 name just a few,my skin is wonderful , it was a tough decsion but i dont regret it look it up and c if thats something that might work 4 u , i will say try not to use 2 much steriod cream as that really does thin ur skin good luck hun x

ps do not not take chlorophenamine for ur itching skinx

Thank you very much for your input, nobody has ever suggested methotrexate to me before, but it sounds like a good alternative.

Thanks again x

p.s. I was first prescribed chloropheniramine when I went to my doctor. Why is it better that I don't take them? x

I tried all the meds and creams dr gave me and nothing worked. . Then my dad suggested GOOD OLD CALAMINE LOTION! totally cleared it up. . I also only use natural products on my skin and hair now. . I use a burt bees soap that is actually made for poison ivy and use witch hazel as an astrigent. . It works great. . Got rid of itching and sores. I also put pure vitamin E on my face and arms every day where my rashes typically appear and leave it for abt 15 minutes or so before my shower. . For hair and scalp, try the sulfate free products. . Keratin has a great one but a little pricy and Argan products are completely natural. . Please try they made a HUGE improvement in my skin and hair! my hair doesnt even fall out much anymore! Good luck!

Just as an FYI, my rashes were so bad on my face that i wouldnt leave the house because everyone stared at me. It was hideous.

Oh that sounds awful! I'm so glad to hear it's cleared up so nicely for you though, that's fantastic. Thank you for your input, I have tried an all-natural shampoo and haven't had any hair loss to date, so it looks to be working also. I bet that calamine lotion must have been wonderfully soothing on your skin? Sounds like a very good idea that one to be fair. Sometimes trying so many different options makes you feel worse, changing medication and stuff all the time, so it's reassuring to see that something that is soothing and so easy to get hold of actually works.

Thanks ever so much xx

Hey everyone:)

I also have DLE and i try a lot of things, from creams and oinments.

When I discovered my Klorane Shampoo with Kinin I think that it was just another shampoo, but it wasnt`t. My hair in that time look really awful. It was lifeless and a lot of hair was falling down..

Now, 2 years later my hair looks really great, it doesn`t hellp to grew the hair on the first place on head where hair fall down, but it gives me my hair back:)

I also now started treatment with fitoaromateraphy, with oil of black cumin and nettle tea who will help to clean organisam from toxins. I also have problems eith allergies, so i really belive in this kind of treatmant. Because when i go to the doctors, they only have solutions to treat the rash, but they don`t treat what cause it.

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