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Nasty norovirus!

Phew, that was a dramatic week! We went out for dinner and had native oysters eight days ago. Twenty four hours later we discovered why norovirus is called the Ferrari on tummy bugs. it comes on so quickly, before you know it you are hugging the toilet and praying for the cramps to stop. Horrid. Worst thing tho, I was just settling down to 15mgs /day of pred and getting the post Xmas flare in control. Now I am back up to 25mgs and tackling the usual symptoms.

Anyone else had the naughty norovirus ?

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Hi Helly72, I am in total agreement. The pain was horrid and I detest being sick. My hubby had it too but was right as reign within two days and I was still suffering after four. The dehydration was also one of the worst symptoms it took all my effort to actually get the glass and drink. Really hope this doesn't come around again.


Me too, being careful not to touch things in public places!!!


Yes I had it just before Christmas. It was on the Friday the world was supposed to end, the world didn't end but I thoughjt I was dying lol. Caused me a flare too.


Poor you anne59. It has taken me two weeks to get over it but I am much better now, just all puffed up with steroids again!! I am hoping to get down to 15mg or even 10mg/day as soon as possible. Do you get side effects from steroids?


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