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outrage at pip assessment

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Hi all forum folk, wishing you all the best

I had my pip report back and was out raged and stressed at there report !!!said I have no issue taking the call therefore had full range of movement using my limbs not sure how using a phone on speakerphone proves this ?

And I have no fatigue issues as I answered there questioning I had my copy of what I sent them in front of me and was prompted by partner whispering plus took holiday from work.

Has anyone else had this issue and how do you debate it? I expect they hope I will lie down and accept this.

can we claim for energy if we have health which requires heating which must be on always on

Any advice would be helpful thank you in advanced.


14 Replies
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I'm really sorry to hear what you have been through. Their reasoning is absolutely shocking!! I've recently had my review by phone and I can honestly say the assessor really put me at ease. I would definitely appeal as you certainly have grounds. With regards to the heating, I think the monthly money we're receiving for 6 months is to help .

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try fightback or UK M.E, & chronic illness benefits advice group on facebook. I read through all their help files plus went through posts from members and got my PIP second time of trying.

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Hi George,

I am sorry to hear about your PIP assessment and the decision they reached. You can appeal via tribunal. I have done this and been successful.

You need to set out how the assessor has not considered or accurately reflected your difficulties. Outlining were your disability is inaccurate and how it affects your daily life and movement if you also applied for this.

Worth reaching out to the disability charities and as Carol says reading all the material they have. Don’t rush writing it, do it well and thoroughly.

Good luck

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Your experience is fairly typical (sadly). Once you get your decision, check whether the decision maker has given you duff points and if not whether the points are the same as the health care professional awarded. If the award isn’t what you feel you’re entitled to then do appeal. If you got some award but not as high as you wanted, get advice because when you appeal the whole decision can be looked at again so you could lose what you already have (depending on the evidence).

In the meantime raise a complaint with the Disability Assessment company and keep a copy for use later to the tribunal. Tribunal panels overall do take a more sensible approach in weighing up the worth of a report. Disability Rights UK has helpful factsheets

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My hubby got his report back last week and they have cut him down by £100 a month, they told him he didn’t sound stressed on the phone, he was a nervous wreck, and also because he hasn’t seen his doctor in a while, he has had a waste of time physio appointment over the phone 🙄 who told him they couldn’t help him. Our doctors are non existent at our surgery atm so goodness who replied to them. We are going to appeal but it’s quite difficult as he can hardly walk just now as I had to take him into A& E on Monday he was in so much pain. I’m really disgusted at this system just now. Appeal!,,

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Hi Geeforce99,

Im sorry that you're having to go through this. I had exactly the same and had to appeal the decision but have still not heard back. Its something I need to follow up.

In some ways I have laid down and accepted it. Its an awful form to have go through anyway, never mind getting it rejected on that basis. Mine was more so I was able to fully communicate and cognitively fine so therefore I can manage. it didn't make any sense. I felt let down, upset and disappointed.

I was diagnosed in 2020 and despite many people telling me to apply I didn't but I thought it might give me the chance to cut down my working hours even by a day but when it got rejected I was so deflated 😔. It should say on your letter how to appeal. Best of luck xx

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It's appalling how they think they can assess someone from one phone call or interview, especially where mental health is involved. My friend was turned down because she was told she had to attend an interview which involved a train and two bus journeys. She made a herculean effort to attend, at great stress and mental anguish, and they told her that because she had turned up, she would be turned down. You can't win!

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Hi Geeforce,Oh Dear , looks like the local Scrooge has stike again.!!. We had that many years ago when it was incapacity benefits. I did not qualify( that was the very similar excuse they gave lol) and husband earnings for it the second time round . So just had to make myself mentally and physically better just to find work something that is short hours which is also zero hours not texting to the body zero stress . it worked great until Covid. Might consider going back to it again ☺️

We had 2 children schooling at Secondary education then 1 about to go to Uni.

During Covid we took a decision to apply for my early pension with work which we should have done when I was diagnosed with Lupus 10 years ago . As I knew I would not be able to return to work but then we did not know how I would be or what the prognosis the state I would be in. Best decision I have made in the long run, stress free. I can do what is needed for my family and for our church . Attend appointments with out worrying about work commitments or anything.

The other thing about benefits I always find it so stressful having to fill in those forms tons of them . ughh.

Hope you manage to sort out something with them, fight it out or see what alternatives you can find, don't really want to elevate any more stress than you need to in your body as that will increase more pain.

I have been there done that not worth it. Yes whilst it is the money we need its it worth it for all that pain you are going through?? All that stress they put you through.

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Geeforce99 in reply to KnitSewPurl

thank you all for your replies and useful info all helps 😃

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I've just applied for my PIP so am fully expected to be turned down now after reading your horrible experience

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Hi Geeforce, sadly your predicament is all too frequently the case. Discrepancies and downright lies by the assessor. You need to immediately put in a for a Mandatory Reconsideration. Make sure that you highlight the issues you disagree with clearly and link it to any evidence you submitted to supplement your application. Good luck

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Hi, I'm going through an appeal at the moment, It's now a year since I first applied. I too was devastated by comments back from telephone appointment, feels like we are being accused of lying, like you'd want to make this stuff up. I found turn2us.org.uk quite useful, there is a test on there you can take which gives you scores and some good info'. I know citizens advice offer help with PIP. I did ask for help from local disability service, but she was useless, I only found out that she had not sent neither mandatory rec' and then appeal info' because I phoned them myself, so I then put in appeal online myself and got a response straightaway, to say they had received it. It was quite simple to do and once done online, you can keep updating any new evidence easily until the actual appeal.. I wish you well, it's a somewhat tiring and frustrating wait for sure.

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Take a few days to calm down the methodically go through every point that you disagree with and respond with why you disagree, how it's incorrect and 'evidence' to show that such as statements from family, medical letters, GP letters etc. Try to be pragmatic rather than emotional and simply rip apart everything they said. For example, my report said I didn't have anxiety coz I made good eye contact during interview when in fact I'd apologised a few times for keeping very dark, can't see my eyes, prescription glasses on despite being inside coz my eyes are so light sensitive! I backed this up with copies of notes from my optician that repeatedly stated I have huge light sensitivity and a copy of my lens prescription showing I have the darkest shade lenses possible!! They tell outright LIES so once you prove that you've got them by the balls. I also stated I'd happily take it to tribunal if they refused my appeal. I claimed every 2 years for 6 years and every time they refused or lowered award, i won every appeal. On 4th claim they awarded for 10 years. I do have multiple serious health issues and had gained more every time i applied. Think they figured they couldn't shaft me after all 🤣. Good luck. You CAN win.

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I'm sorry you are going through this. It's devastating and I've been there too- was scored zero for everything and had all my PIP removed! TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE- I had actually deteriorated..But heed the advice given and go for a mandatory reconsideration if these are still the first available option (check this). That's what I did and succeeded.

Another very good resource is Benefits and Work for lots of up to date written information and written advice (they don't do verbal advice).


You would not believe the vile lies on my report - and written by a psychiatric nurse who couldn't even spell properly and has gone on the get a management job in an NHS trust. All very worrying and all very corrupt when they in effect earn bonus pay for refusing claims. It should never have become a privatised service.

Good luck - don't give up as most people are successful on appeal/mandatory reconsideration 🍀🍀

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