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Please see question below, sorry its my first time x

Wow... Just found you and omg, so many questions answered already.... Have a probably silly question, have to go on 2 types of antibiotics at the same time for dental treatment( not lupus related) should I check with GP first, or am ok to take general antibiotics , p.s I am on the Quinoric tablets at the moment??? Thank you , and is so great to be on here.... :-))

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It is best you check with your rheumatologist, certain antibiotics affect lupus sufferers (for example those antibiotics containing sulfa) and may increase symptoms.


I would check if with your rheumatologist. I only found out I was alergic to penicillin after taking it and my face swelled up like a baloon.


Checking with a pharmacist may also be useful. Hope the treatment works out just right. xxx :)


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