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Manchester Meetup!


I have seen quite a few blogs on here suggesting meetings etc. I thought i'd try and kick one off for Manchester and the surrounding areas.

I've found this blog more than a great help and I think it would benefit myself and others to actually be able to talk to others with lupus face to face. It could be a chance to discuss everything we do on here but in person.

There are lots of venues in Manchester that we could meet. We could go for coffee or even cocktails!

Please let me know if anyone is interested and we can organise something for the near future.

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Hi Corrosion,

There are actually a few meetings taking place around the Manchester area already.

If you contact the North West Lupus Group they can tell you about all the different meetings they run. You can find out more and contact them via their website -


I would be interested in a meet up in manchester as their dosn't seem to be one here at the moment.


Hi Corrosion,

I too would be up for a meeting,

I live in Eccles and am one of the rarer males with Lupus



I would love that!

Actually, I haven't met another Lupus patient, in person, so far.


a few of us talk on facebook and have met twice in Manchester and once in Liverpool. We had lunch and just talked about everything and we were able to "swap notes" give advice and learn new things about Lupus. If anyone wants to meet I am sure some of the others would like to go.


Hello everybody,

Thanks for all your replies.

Paul, I will contact the North West Lupus group this week to see what plans they have for Manchester as they are reforming the group.

I'm proposing we try and get something started. Maybe a lunch or meeting for coffee in Manchester City Centre. Does end of the month sound like a good date for everyone?

Spamula, would you be able to get in touch with your friends on Facebook to see if they would like to join us too?

Have a great week.


Hi, there is no Manchester group for North West Lupus at the moment, according to their website. I would be up for a city centre meet for coffee. Day time preferred as by late afternoon, early evening I am ready for bed ;-)


Hi everybody,

Sorry for the late reply.

I was thinking March 23rd to meet up? I think somewhere in central manchester would be a good idea.

Thanks Sjink for the info on the North West group.


Hi. If you do arrange a meeting, would you please contact the North West Lupus Group with the details? That way they can let other members in the area know and possibly attend too. Thanks


Hi Paul,

I will do.



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