Does anyone else suffer from twitching around the eyes and/or face. I get twitching most days and can be either or both eyes, normally accompanied by a headache which can turn into a blinding headache with nausea or vomiting sometimes. I have a headache every day varying in intensity. I currently have had constant deep twitching behind my right eye for days and it is really bothering me. I can feel dizzy and fainted a couple of times a couple of months ago. Cognitive function can be dire when tired, can't find words or get lost mid sentence.

This is all very new to me and feel so guilty about being unwell and off work. GP signed me off for 2 more months and found myself apologising to my boss and discussing possibility of a phased return before then when I know this probably will not help but just feel so awful about taking time off.

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I get occasional twitching of my right eye lid, I think only I can feel it, no one else has said they can notice it. I put it down to either my tablets or tiredness.

Do not feel bad about being unwell, it is not your fault.I had to leave my job as I used to blackout, or fall over, and as an police officer that was not good when I was on the beat.

I did feel so useless when this happened as I have always been fit, walking, athletics, but I just had to change my life to suit my illness, now I am learning banjo, draw, writing short stories and poetry. It all helps to keep one going.

My best wishes to you,and I hope things get better for you soon. Trish x


Hi, I do get awful migraine headaches if I am overtired and difficulties with cognition, often referred to as Lupus Fog is pretty common. I find it worse with stress or when I am fatigued. To be at your best the answer is rest and plenty of it..

As Trish says, wer'e usually forced to adjust our lifestyles. Gaining an understanding of your rights at work might help you to stop apologising and instead begin to look at what adjustments might be necessary to help you stay in your current job. Visit or your local citizens advice centre. You might not have considered yourself as having a disability, but in terms of work it would certaintly be to your advantage to look into this prior to agreeing your return. All the best with everything and I hope you'll keep us posted.



If your GP understands so should your boss.We always feel guilty for being ill and I think it is because it is so hard to define Lupus symptoms to those who don't suffer with Lupus.Be good to yourself.I have found a simple thing like cutting my thumb very badly is a problem.Who would want to be diagnosed with Lupus?


Hi I too suffer from the headaches you're experiencing but can't say I've ever had twitching! I think we all suffer different symptoms at different times, it's a matter of coping or finding a GP who really understands! If your GP is that helpful and suggests anything about the bad heads let us know! Please! Good luck xx


Hi, yes I get the twitching and most of the time nobody can see it unless its really bad normally inder my eye when my whole cheek goes. I have headaches most of the time but they do get worse sometimes I hibernate for a couple of hours in a dark room. When its really bad the only thing I can do is just that lie down in a dark room, if you sleep its a bonus but even letting your body relax is great. Speak to your GP/reumatoid doc and get refered to pain clinic. They can refer you different pain meds, hydro therapy and even accupuncture. I have a saying now that is I will try anything once, if it works i'm better for it if it does nothing I have not lost anything and these things vary rarely make you worse.

Good luck and keep plodding Helen


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