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Cellcept and twitching

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Has anyone on cellcept experienced twitching? My eye has been twitching intermittently which I could also attribute to allergies. What's more concerning is I feel my head is twitching at times. I'm not sure if it's the cellcept, nerves (I'm kind of high strung) or something else.

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Yes, I experience twitching. Sometimes the eyes, most times random muscles in my body. The latest with me is abdomen muscles. Really disconcerting. It isn't continuous, though, just irritating.

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Me too, and my twitching had started up many years before I began cellcept. I haven't come up with a theory for whatever provokes my twitching...it just is...sometimes an arm of leg actually jumps....very weird sensations

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Hi Inselou

It could well be nerves causing twitching. I get it in my legs , they jump especially at night. Cellcept might ease it. Have you been on it long?. X

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lnselou79 in reply to misty14

I have been on it for 3 months. It isn't constant but I don't want it to progress. I have an appointment Monday so I will bring it up with my rheumatologist the.

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misty14 in reply to lnselou79

Hi Inselou

Good luck on Monday , let us know how you get on.X

I have had twitching for years (hence the name!) - mainly in my eyes but sometimes it will just randomly start in a part of my body and continue there for a few days before dying away. I had just assumed that everyone experiences this but I suppose if yours has started with a new drug then that is probably the trigger. I do get lots of allergies but hadn't made the connection. I think for me it occurs mainly when I'm exhausted - as if my body hasn't the energy to contain it's natural urge to twitch?

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I had this for a long time after a very stressful period of surgery, many drugs and complications in 2000.

It was very irritating and draining.

Fingers crossed, I seem to be free generally, although it happens occasionally now and doesn't cause too much concern for me.

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I'm not on any medications, but I also get random twitches. Under eye, right arm, legs sometimes. All part of the experience I suppose.

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