For ****'s Sake!!!!!!

Ok, so far I have had a pretty s**** start 2 the New Year.

My 2 year flare starts 2 come 2 an end (yay! About bloody time too!) BUT..........

Since the first of January, the top of my dining room table has come off & ripped right through the wood so it can't be repaired & I've had 2 buy a new 1, I've gone in2 hospital in immense pain only 4 them 2 look at me blankley saying they couldn't find anything up (u'd think I'd b used 2 that by now lol! Lucky, the problem has resolved itself), my auntie who I was very close 2 suddenly died very unexpectedly aged 52 & now my tumble dryer, which is 9 months old, broke down. The engineer has just been out, replaced 3 parts on it & it's STILL not working! I've already spent the last 2 weeks hanging knickers, school jumpers, bra etc on every radiator in the house & now I have 2 continue 2 do so 4 God knows how much longer until they chuffing sort this out. I don't have a launderette near me & no relatives within walking distance either & I can't exactly hang things on the washing line!!!!!!! Grrrrr!

I will shortly b phoning the appliance's makers & more than likely losing the chuffing plot with them. Happy bloody New Year!!!!!

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  • I know, my dishwasher has packed up, it is integrated so to see what's wrong with it (it might only be a fuse) I need to take the door off, etc, etc. it will be cheaper to buy a new one than to bring someone in to repair it but I'm in two minds at the moment. So I'm back to washing dishes by hand, you can't imagine how many pans my hubby uses when he cooks, and probably every available spoon or fork!

    I also think I have a squirrel in the loft who is playing around with my house alarm box so it triggers it haphazardly, I need to go up there to put one of those humane traps to catch it and then release it elsewhere.

    We are so focused on our illness that everything else comes as a burden!

  • That's men 4 u. I always tell my other half that a good cook always cleans up after themselves as they go along. It still falls on deaf ears though. I do all the cooking cos his skills r limited 2 toast but in all fairness, he does all the dishes when he's home.

  • I''ll send my hubby round to smile at it (minus teeth), he'll scare the living s**ts out of it. XX

  • At least the sense of humour is still there, Sher :)

    I was reading your post and all I could imagine was undies slung everywhere... God help whoever is on the end of the phone when ya get through!

    It is all part of life's rich tapestry, as Del Boy would say x

  • u'll probably hear on the news next week that some mad bint has stormed the Head Offices of 'Beko' & is holding every1 2 ransom with the pointily filed underwire of a bra & is demanding a new tumble dryer lol ;0) x

  • Condolence on the loss of your Aunty sher, as you said you get on with it, positive karma is on its way to you :) x

  • Thanks luppychick x

  • So sorry Sher about your auntie who is so young too, very sad:( Glad you're back though as your humour is worth its weight in gold:) xxx

  • Thank u my lovely. It's nice that my odd sense of humour is appreciated by SOME people ;0) x

  • So sorry for the loss of your aunt.

    Hopefully that will be it for things breaking around the house now!

    Take care of yourself x

  • Thanks honey & fingers crossed ;0) x

  • Sorry to hear about your Auntie, and glad you lost that awful pain, but so glad it has not altered your sense of humour, all i can say is Beko look out, Dont get to stressed you dont want another flare, washing aint worth it. x x x

  • Thanks lucy-may. Guess I'll just have 2 continue drying my 'smalls' on the radiator ;0) x

  • God sweetkin. Yr having my sort of start to new year. The problem isn't with the manufacturer its the shop where you bought it that have to sort out the problem. Ours broke down and the dishwasher too, I got onto J Lewis, asked to speak to someone with a brain. I was on the phone over an hour but finally ended up with new ones of each of a differant make. I didn't want that c**p again. Give it a go girl but don't lose your rag, just keep insisting that you want a new one. It should work cos its not v. old. Take care sweetkin. Love J. XX

  • It's a pain in the bloody arse aint it?! Thing is Beko customer service is apparently really s**** (as I have just been told) & I have phoned their head office, which is closed due 2 the snow so goodness knows how much longer I'm gonna have 2 wait! I will b giving them a very big piece of my mind when I eventually get 2 talk 2 them x

  • Good luck, give em hell. If they don't come up with the goods send m s**t parcels cod. Love J XX

  • lmao! Good idea ;0) x

  • sorry to hear about your aunty x

    i too am having probs with my tumbler,its now 13mths old but i took out extra cover when i brought it only to discover that bennetts has closed and my extended cover doesnt exsist now so ive wasted my money! grrr! cant afford repair man,it does work but has a deep grumble/burring noise when on! lol

    as yours is still within manufacturers garantee BEKO have to repair it .

    take care x

  • Thanks honey. Such a pain, I mean I wouldn't mind so much if it had happened in the summer. It's just the waiting that's annoying, it's already been 2 weeks, how many more? I'm sure the kidlets r getting their clothes muddier than usual (the buggers) as well ;0)

    What a pain about u're's. Why not have a look on google & c if u can diagnose the problem. I've done it with certain appliances b4 & managed 2 fix the problem myself. Anything's worth a try x

  • Hi Sher78

    Tumble driers seem to be one of the worse things for breaking down (we have 3 broken in the garage awaiting disposal to prove it!) why can't we buy appliances that don't break down just past the guarantee period or even before these days? Anyway, take care with your drying, I have had a horrid cough for several months related to another condition and was drying my jeans on the radiator in my bedroom. Seeing that report on the box about it causing chest problems and even asthma because of released moisture in the air I stopped. Lo and behold the cough has improved dramatically. Know you probably have no other option at the moment but it is something to bear in mind. Hope it gets fixed soon, bet you have already tried a good old fashioned kick! x

  • Kick? I'll b kicking the chuffing repair man in a minute lol! x

  • Hi sher78

    I have also just been in hospital for pain and fever - they pumped in so many antibiotics and took so much blood, I dont think there is any yet. And after 8 days and ever xray, scan test known to man they sent me home saying they dont know whats wrong so it must be lupus!! so yes I know how you feel!!

    And yes my microwave broke - well it started all by itself so I think that is quite worrying!!

  • Spooky! U'd think after nearly 19 years I'd b used 2 the hospital sending me on my Merry way with confused looks on their faces, but I STILL find it hilarious how little knowledge on lupus they have actually gathered in all that time. It still makes me shake my head & smile in disbelief ;0)

  • hi sher78 ime new on here i had a beko washing machine had so much trouble trying to get it fixed in the end it got dumped never another beko for me take care x

  • They're customer service is s****. The engineer is coming back Friday & if it isn't fixed then, God help them, I will go bloody loopy! x

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