Does anyone else suffer with palpitations with lupus, sort of panic attacks...lying in bed i can hear my heart pounding...also feel it pumping in throat? Is this a usual symtom?


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8 Replies

  • dont know if it is a usual symptom but i do suffer from this every day and every night without fail.....its horrible

  • Thanks Mandi, you have helped again you are right it is horrible feels like heart will burst out of my throat sometimes....

    read your post on another ladies blog....See that that lady suffers too..

    stay positive.

    take care


  • I am sorry for every lupus sufferer that suffers with all these ailments/complications.....I have this every day and every night too and yes - it is horrible.................

  • I started to suffer from what I thought were palpitations this year and was sent to A & E one evening this spring and was admitted due to abnormal rythmn. Later echo revealed I now have a cardiac arrhythmia . Part of this whole thing ? Don't know but it is unpleasant. I have a beta blocker which I take when it goes on for a few days and particularly unpleasant . Don't like taking them all of the time as I feel I have quite enough medication to take.

    My advice is that if you are concerned go to your GP , it will allay your fears at least .

  • Thank you K, i think i will get it checked out as you say if only for my own peace of mind

    take care


  • i too occasionally feel this, not too much though probably as I already take beta blocker for migraine and tremor. Not pleasant,I know.

  • Hi there - yes I think so - well always good to hear that other people are having/experiencing the same symptoms as oneself - sorry that they are but nice to know and find out more, I experience this constantly.

  • yep has a sinus tacycardia ( when your heart beat too fast for 10 years all part of the sle apparently we can put auto-antibodies down in the heart muscle that can ecxite the eletrical impulses. cardiologist put me on ivabradine. 2.5mg works a treat

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