A scene from Casualty!

So goes along to nurse today for weekly blood tests and bp checks. Get flu and pneumonia jags too which she stuck in my arm with no warning! Air was blue but at least I was prepared for the flu one. Dont do jags! Then she did blood tests. Normally they cant get blood out of me but today it flowed freely. So freely it wouldnt stop! Eventually it does, get plaster on and go merrily on my way.

walking downstreet and feel something funny on my arm, this lovely lady stops me and says "Do you know you have blood running out of your jacket?" WHAT!! I took jacket off, no plaster and blood spurts out of vein where blood test was done! Nearly fainting but gets to car which luckily was just round corner. Managed to get it to stop with pressure and got massive plaster on (got first aid kit in car) and drove home. Prob should have gone back to docs but by this time was nearly wetting myself laughing as it relly could only happen to me!

Presume its caused by steroids stopping blood clotting but alls fine now!


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poor you!!!


O'H Bless


Hi, the same has happened to me and yes its the steroids that makes you bleed.Gave me a fright first time,like you I had got in to the car and bled a lot.


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