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warning sign to a flare-up,

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Does anyone seem to get some sort of sign that they are about to have a flare-up? i seem to either get very tired and tearful a few days before or i get very clumsy dropping everything,falling over and banging into things,does anyone else have these sort of warning signs?

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Yes, pretty much all of those symptoms but a persistent low grade fever will confirm it beyond doubt. Important not to overdo things and rest. Keep an eye on your temperature and take something to bring it down if necessary. I hope you feel better soon. x

Arrhhh thank you tigerlilly,also I seem to get a lot of hot flashes all the time,its embarrassing not sure if thats linked,i will have to start writting things downx

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You're welcome Katnap :) For me, what you describe as "hot flashes" are what comes with the low grade fevers if I persist in over-exerting myself in any way. Of course hot flashes can be linked to the menopause also depending on your age but are definitely not now in my case since SLE attacked and destroyed my ovaries some years ago. I used to doggedly "push through" and carry on with whatever had to be done - I think most of us have a tendency to do so at times and, of course, some of us are or were parents of young children and often had/have no choice. However, I've learned by bitter experience it really isn't worth the consequences of bringing on a major flare. Arrange some help. If you get DLA use some of your allowance to pay for a cleaner for a while if you have no family nearby or sympathetic partner. Important to keep an eye on your temperature when you begin feeling unwell as untreated persistent low grade fevers over time will eventually weaken the heart. Keeping a diary is an excellent idea! x

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Brilliant advice Tigerlily4 :-)

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Thank you Dryad :) I hope you are feeling a bit better too <3 x

yes, my hair is starting to fall in handfulls, numbness in my left hand and hot flushes/sweating are my warning symptoms of a flare.

I tend to get a very slight runny nose ( well more of a drip really ) and before a big flare up I tend to get nose sores or mouth ulcers a few days before, but sometimes no warning at all.

I to get hot flushes I joked with my rhunie that it was my age, but he said it was of the lupus especially night sweats, but apparrantly it is one of the side effects of the methotrexate, so I get a triple whammy of hot flushes, I take 2000mg of evening primrose oil every morning and it seems to contol them to some extent, though I do still have anything up to 6 a day.

I have a diary I write most things in, as there is no way i would remember when I see the rhumie,

I split my flare ups into four types as follows

A Grumble is a mild daily flare up of the joints / tendons or muscles that you know is there but you can still carry on with daily things

An Ache is a flare up that is more than a grumble but not enough to have to take painkillers for

A Painfull flare up is one that I have to take painkillers for and effects what I can do

a Hurt flare up is one that painkillers dont have much effect on and can reduce me to tears, and completly wipe me out,

From my diary before I see my rheumie I type up my flare ups and colour code them and total them up so at a glance I can pass on the info, I also add in anything new or quetions I think of between appointments

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mstr in reply to lupydragon

What a brill way of coding flare ups. From this I can see that today is an ache with noooo energy at all, whereas when I had an infection recently I also hurt too. I will try to use this in my diary too.

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Barnclown in reply to mstr

I totally agree: great system lucydragon! Am prepping for my regular rheumy ppt now nd I'll use your coding: thanks!

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Maya23 in reply to lupydragon

Also brilliant advice! What a great idea :-) thanks lupydragon

I tend to get very fatigued and feel depressed and a general feeling that something is not quite right. I also, dependent on how bad a flare up is, get very sensitive to noise and have to turn the lights down (now use a dimmer light switch in the house). My joints (hands/ankles/knees) become sore/inflammed.

I get terrible nightmares and sweats.

I posted about this just last week. I have noticed I get bleeding (menstrual) with severe period pains tor a couple of days and also a rash on my upper arms with these two swollen lumps in that go really itchy!! Mstr that is nteresting you say that about sensitivity to light/noise, hinking about it not that is also something I suffer with. Xxx

Yes !!! I have the most awful dreams and get nightsweats. My hair falls out even more, I get a rash across my cheeks and on the inside of my arms and wrists. Then comes the swollen glands and the temp, then a couple of days later the full blown flare.

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