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Hello everyone:) I'm still in the beginning stages of being treated with plaquenil and starting to slowly notice improvements in my symptoms. I've read a lot about the fact that flares are different for everyone, but, that each individual should be able to get to the point, that they start to know when a flare is coming on. I'm just wondering what people notice as signs that they have a flare coming on. I seem to be noticing extreme fatigue and ear pain, seems to be my warning that a flare is coming on, but as I said, I'm fairly new to plaquenil so I haven't gotten to a really good place yet. still have pain and fatigue fairly constantly, although less than two months ago when I started meds. I'm happy as I'm noticing half the week I feel pretty good, and half the week I feel pretty rough. Happy for some improvement and encouraged as I believe I will continue to see improvements. Thanks for sharing your personal signs:)

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  • Hi hun, as time goes by you will know within yourself . I've had this illness for 4 years so i know when my body is fighting a flare. Perfect example today i woke up for work i emailed in sick. I am extremely fatigued,feel dizzy as though i've bewn spun around a few times,my ankles are really swollwn and my body feels like i've been on a boxing match. Take care lovely.

  • Hope you feel better soon☺️

  • I'm pretty confused about this too and I'd love to hear more from long-term Lupie experts here. I don't know whether a flare is a big crisis type event or just the you've done too much one day, or have been in the sun too much, and the next day you get a headache, a bit more joint pain, and you'd better ease off or there's worse that'll come i.e. can you control it or not (or is the answer to that the less-satisfying 'sometimes').

  • Hi jodieae

    Sorry to read that you may be flaring but pleased that Hydroxy is starting to work!. How long have you been on it?. These drugs can take awhile to be fully working.

    It sounds like your newly diagnosed with lupus as your trying to get to grips with flare signs. I always know I'm flaring as I go hot, feel more fatigued and joints ache greatly. Can feel very unwell. We all have our different signs according to the symptoms we get most of and you will realise what yours are. Hope that's helpful and your better soon. X

  • I've only been on the medication for two months now. I deffinatley notice fatigue is starting to get better, but joints are still very sore, often. Too soon to try and figure out flares at this point, as I still feel like I'm constantly in a flare.

  • Hi jodieae

    Another thought if your joints don't settle is to have a short course of steroids to bring it all under control. Your GP might be able to do this for you or are you due a follow up consultant visit to see how Hydroxy is doing?. They might suggest it then. Hope your better soon. X

  • Hi Misty 14! I go back every three months for the next year to repeat my blood work and follow up with my rheumatologist. I'll see what she says next month:)

  • Glad your being looked after so well jodieae. Keep us posted how you get on. X

  • Hi I have had lupus for 25 years now and for me there isn't a particular pattern. I know if I'm having a flare when what ever it I'm feeling I just can't shake off. When your mind wants to do things but your body just doesn't want to respond or it could be something specific like a rash or and increase in tiredness or your joints just seem to be hurting more or more regularly and these for me are indicators things are not right and I might be going into a flare, the signs maybe different for you but may be different each time you flare but you will just know something doesn't feel right - hope this makes sense. X

  • Hope you feel better soon☺️

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