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Hayfever or a flare up?

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Hi all

Does anyone here suffer from hayfever like allergy which is all year round?

I have noticed recently that when I am run down I tend to get runny nose, sneezing, cough , headache and puffy/uncomfortable eyes..which tend to last either a day or two max. Regardless of the weather.

Is this a common scenario? And what helps


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Hi lufibabe, I have started with both theses symptoms plus rashes & a sinus issue that caused a swollen bridge of nose (which was both weird to look at it & very tender). As a result been on clarityn daily since it began with additional anti-histamines when a more pronounced reaction plus creams for the rashes & drops for my eyes!! Since having Long covid now on a further two anti-histamine medications & trying to implement an antihistamine diet which is hard work but having a go. Sorry your body too has been reacting similarly & hope you can get some useful suggestions from the dr.


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lufibabe in reply to Fizzlelizz

Thank you for responding. Hope you get some relief too.x

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Bowenlady in reply to Fizzlelizz

Hi, my husband and I ran a holistic therapy centre where we treated people with a Bioresonance device. My husband is a kinesiologist. He found that people who have “hay fever” all year round were actually exposed to spores from fungus and moulds in some form. It could be in the air, from a damp place near the house or work. It could be worth looking around your environment to see if that is the case with you. We no longer do the treatment and have sold the device. You can find a kinesiologist to get any allergy checked, I’m sure. Bioresonance therapists are also advertising online but check they are qualified. It’s just a thought, but elimination of the possible allergen could help greatly. It may well be that this is not the problem you have but it is worth considering and I hope this helps a bit. X

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lufibabe in reply to Bowenlady

Thank you so much Bowenlady! I never thought of that..I will definitely research on it. Bless you

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Fizzlelizz in reply to Bowenlady

Thanks, good suggestion. Had bought an air filter for living room & bedroom but maybe more clarity needed. Thanks

Hi Fizzlelizz, I too have the sinus issues from long Covid. Almost constant drainage, swollen face and nose so my glasses are causing sores, can't get the diarrhea (sorry), no energy, fatigue, no taste, etc. since November. Now having heart arrythmia which had been under control before Covid and waiting for results on the heart monitor that I had for 5 days. I will ask my doctor about Clarityn as I have been using Benedryl . I have a new GP and will see him for a second visit soon. The long Covid seems to have made what problems I already had from lupus, etc. worst like it targets our weak areas like lupus. I am so glad you posted because I don't feel so alone with the long Covid. Thanks for sharing.

Healing hugs.

Hi Pumpkin, yes it’s a rubbish experience to be having & very lonely at times & very frustrating. Also awaiting further results and hv a scan booked for first week in June. Hope you aren’t waiting too long for your test results. Having had a similar one in March dr suggested beta blockers but given everything else I am taking just couldn’t face an additional med but may have to as can’t seem to improve fir any consistent time.

Very much agree that it seems to exacerbate your existing fragilities.

Hope you get some answers, care & respite from it all soon.

Healing hugs back atcha too x

Hi lufibabe I have hayfever and this year it has been particularly bad. My gp has given me flixonase nasal spray plus sodium cromoglicate for my eyes, I also use sterimar nasal wash plus blepisal eye cleaner this has helped but not completely cleared it. I hope this helps. It has been a really bad year for hayfever sufferers it doesn't help having lupus as well. Xx

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lufibabe in reply to JCZW

Thanks alot..dont feel so alone. Hope we get some respite soon.x

I seem to be like this every day it’s miserable x

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lufibabe in reply to Harry19

Yes it is miserable and makes me very irritable and extremely fatigued too. Let's hope for some respite.

Yes I can relate to this, as I only developed allergies and auto immune conditions after Glandular fever infection 4 years ago. I went to see an allergist last year and he did the pinprick tests on me that showed I had severe dust & hayfever (particlarly tree pollen) allergies. He prescribed expensive -but totally worth it - antihistamine (Drynol) and steroid nasal spray (Avamys) that have worked wonders. I now use a HEPA filter air purifer/ dehumidifier in the bedroom, and change bed sheets & hoover v.regularly. It all has helped me immensely.

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Tempname in reply to Tempname

I would recommend getting proper testing done by an allergist Dr, so at least you can identify the problems and then target what you do about them. Hope you get on top of it!

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lufibabe in reply to Tempname

Thanks Tempname..will do.xx

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