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time waster !

i'm so sorry i should never have came on this site until i knew for sure what was wrong with me.thank you i think ur a wonderful bunch of people trying to survive life and if ever u start fundraising activities through any means and i can do anything to help please dont hestitate to message me(get them on hotmail) or if i myself come up with something i will let u know take care god bless x

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You shouldnt be sorry for being on here. Are you in the process of being diagnosed with something?

Just because other people have a name for a condition it doesnt make your problems any less of an issue. In fact I think while you are going through all of the tests and uncertainty it is such an awful time, and this is the time to be around people who can relate to what you are going through. If you feel you need advice, support or just somewhere to write about how you are feeling then you are at the right place. Please dont cut yourself off.



ty didds .i'm back because of things happening to me and when i google it always comes back to lupus.just read on here about flare up signs not only is it happening to me now but has been for a long time (mild)is that even possible ?and no i havn't been diagnosed i'm waiting for hosp to get back to me with 1st app for rhuemy x


hi letslaugh

i couldn t agree more with didds82 i really needed to talk ( i mean type ha ha) while i was in the long horrible waiting results situation one year ago, i found this site so helpful for information and advice which helped me so much.

there are people on here who are still waiting for a comfimed lupus diagnosis but feel they have all the symptoms so it helps to talk, please feel free to chat anytime while your waiting for your appointment just remember it can take years to get a confirmed diagnosis.

I also agree with didds82 please dont cut youself off.

good luck


ty pinky guess i'm getting frustrated and i know every1 different so don't really know why i reacted this way to a blog(like a spoilt little kid )i've had words with myself,just something i do(gave myself a kick in the arse).because i just read article here bout flare ups and i think i really need to stay and no more spitting my dummy out. ty x


Don't be sorry for being here, we were all diagnosed once you know, some quickly, others over considerable periods of time... Whether you have Lupus or any other health issues there will be people who are able to relate to how you are feeling and hopefully offer encouragement and support. There is nothing more isolating than being ill, regardless of what the illness is, but having the support of others who have been through similar experiences is worth it weight in gold :)

Apart from that I'm looking for new friends and we could help support each other :)

All the best!


hi sivermyst ur right in so many ways this site has been a god send to me as no one in my life seems to want to know esp at work and quite a few times i've felt like screaming it at them even worse i've wanted to slap someone for being lazy as i was in pain and still working like a trogan.i.\,m staying on here for sake of my sanity ty x


In agreement with everyone else, do not ever be sorry, god it took 2 years for my diagnosis 14 years ago and that was after feeling awful for about a year before that, it is lonely and soul destroying when you feel tired sore and generally exhausted with every day life but also look well to everyone else and not yet knowing why, you should take all the support and comfort you can get from this site, we have all been there so do not feel like a time waster and i hope that very soon you get a definite diagnosis and all the support you need. x


Dont no if this is any use but there is no real test for lupus, just auto immune problems but my rheumatologist told me it takes 6 years for lupus to establish before they can say "yes you have lupus" and that depends on how many positive results you get back from the 6 tests.


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