Is anyone lobbying government about those of us who can only work part-time but aren't 'disabled enough' to qualify for DLA?

After 2 years on DLA (lowest rate care component) and associated Working Tax Credit (as I am only capable of working 18hrs a week) I have had both taken off me - due to the fact that I only qualified for WTC because of DLA. So now how am I supposed to support myself with half the income ? It feels like we are being discriminated against with regards to WTC as there is no way to qualify for disabled element unless either on DLA or been on incapacity for 12 months. It's sooo frustrating..I feel like I'm being penalised for managing my lupus.....the only way to make ends meet would be to go give up my job, which I love & keeps me sane(ish)......AAAGGGHHHHHHH!

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  • Know how you feel, I need to reduce my hours but cannot really afford to, am in the process of applying for DLA but probably wont get it, this is the only way to reduce my hours and still manage financially. Other alternative is to give up work completely but really do not want to do this. Seems so unfair.

  • There is another alternative. There is Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) which is the new form of incapacity benefit, which is the income I rely on as I don't believe many lupus sufferers (because of flare-ups and non-constant discomfort) can qualify for DLA anymore, I tried and failed many times, and was then told about ESA. Alot of people with auto-immune diseases rely on this, which is a good thing, but also incredibly unfair. Just because the illness is effectively "invisible" doesn't make it any less debilitating. Frustrates me so much, but am just thankful there are other options

  • p.s. you can work up to 16 hours and still receive ESA too x

  • I was awarded DLA for life way back in 1995 when lupus was on the list of recognised incurable illnesses. I am extreemly worried by the number of people who are being turned down, particularly those with fluctuating conditions. I know the mental health charity MIND continues to campaign and I did read the governments recent response to their consultation on DLA. which many organisations took part in. Like you say DLA as it stand offers a passport to other things like, prescriptions, motability etc. without which a lot of us lose our independance.

    There is a lot I feel is wrong with the current system. Despite having to go through rigerous medical assessment and work focussed interviews since my redundancy fro work, I find myself excluded from taking up employment rather than being able to participate. For example: I wanted in embark on some freelance work recently, but found that I was unable to claim WTC because I would be working less than sixteen hours a week. I was then told I was earning too much to qualify for ESA and would not be eligable either to full housing or council tax benefit. It was simply financially unviable for me to work, despite a benefit that was introduced with the purpose of helping disabled people get back to work and be "better off". Like yourself, I am furious and extreemly frustrated !!

  • Thank you Sue2803, Karlyt & Flutterby1 for your really does feel like we are completely invisible to the government - and that;s how they like it!

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