Help! Can't get esa or job??

Hi, I have SLE, sjorgrens, fibromyalgia and autoimmune hepatitis. I get full mobility dla and medium care.

I was turned down for esa as my husband works and I haven't for over 4 years (we have now eaten through all our savings), and we have also just lost our tax credits. But the money he brings in is not enough to cover all our bills and monthly costs despite tightening our belts beyond belief.

I just spoke to the disability advisor at the job centre as I feel I have no choice but to work, although the diseases are still very active. But she told me that I probably wouldn't be able to get a job as I am too ill and considered unemployable, although she has begrudgingly agreed to see me in September when she is back from an operation.


I can't stop crying as I know having a job would put me back to square one physically, but I am not eligible to claim anything, and we are starting to get back into debt each month.

Please help if you can as I desperately need advice, thanks x

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Hi, I faced a similiar position back in 2010 and haven't worked since. Unhappily you fall into the trap of not really being well enough to work but also being unable to claim anything on top of your DLA. I am the same (all you hear is what does your husband earn?). The Disability Advisers advised me the same and I worked with them for two years and am still on the work programme but unfortunately the economy as it is with so many unemployed people with medical problems are at the bottom of the pile. The only thing that I can suggest is to contact the DWP Benefit Helpline 0800882200 and ensure that you are claiming anything that you are entitled to - this being said if you own your own home and your husband is employed they will probarbly not be able to help but it is worth a phone call atleast. If you are a home owner try to speak to your mortgage co - is it possible to reduce mortgage/go interest only etc etc. Look at all your bills can your suspend any life insurances etc for a while/council tax ?speak to council. You might have done all this already. The key is to keep talking to all the companies you owe money to as they might be able to suggest something you haven't thought of. I am sorry that you find yourself in this position through no fault of your own as anyone can become ill. All the best to you.


thanks Alexandria, it does really suck :-(

Hope you manage ok x


I am also in the same boat although I am working 40 hour weeks. I have been to by my doctors to leave work as I am not fit enough. I am not entitled to benefits as my husband works. I work through an agency as I am unable to secure a permanent position due to the SLE. Working totally wrecks me. I get up knackered, go to work and battle my way through the day. I come home have a light dinner and then bed totally exhausted. I have no social life whatsoever. I try to recover at weekends which is hard to do as I have all the normal chores to do. I have to admit these do get left as I have a teo hour siesta during my days off. I know how you feel and I am unable to leave work as we would never be able to afford it. It's just not fair. As my dad says I will kill myself working but what can I do. I can't afford to not work. xx


I had to give up work in 2007 as I was so ill and tired. Once I stopped having money from my employers I started to claim Incapacity benefit. I had to go to the job centre to see an officer for him to tell me what type of job I could apply for, I said no way am I going back to work and if they do not want to give me the money then that is okay by me.

I have to go every year to see someone at the jobcentre plus but each time I let them know I am not going back to work. I also now get DLA and I am also having my work pension on ill health ground.

I used to feel like Lorianne, I started resenting work as all I wanted to do was sleep.

The best thing for Cobbers to do is to go to the CAB or get a social worker who will be able to help.

All the best


Thanks Lorraine and Maureen for your replies. It is so sad that we have to fight to get heard, but I will take all your advice onboard and try to sort it out x


Please appeal against the is disgraceful the way people in Britain with disabilities are being is a stressful process because even though you have been diagnosed with an illness you have to PROVE you have an illness. You are entitled to those benefits so it is worth the fight and remember you are also fighting for the rights of every person with a disability who are struggling to secure basic human necessities. I would rather climb a mountain than crawl into a hole!


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